Impact of Covid-19 on the Business – Quote By Arpit Chhabra


At IoTfy we are deploying a futuristic approach to mitigate the impact of the 21 days lockdown, on the business. Given we are a products’ company, we have already started focussing on the next set of features/products that are in the pipeline. The idea is to utilise this time well and invest in future product conception and planning during this period, where most businesses are trying to focus on the recovery aspect.

To that end, we have already started planning two quarters ahead and are gearing for the spike in demand IoTfy is expected to witness from the brand partners, who have suffered huge losses on account of the global supply chains being disrupted due to Covid19 outbreak. 

Before the compulsory lockdown was announced, we had already started witnessing higher than usual inbound interest from consumer durable brands and were in active discussions with some of them. This is indicative of a larger industry-wide trend demonstrating the inclination of brands towards localisation of IoT, to avoid being faced with a similar unfortunate situation in the future. We are expecting a relative acceleration in orders once normalcy restores and businesses are back to usual, and are currently preparing for that. 

About IoTfy: IoTfy is a #MakeinIndia IoT & AI cloud suite that superpowers consumer durable brands to add IoT capabilities to their device categories. Driven by its Chip to Cloud IoT ecosystem, IoTfy works with India’s top consumer durable and appliance brands and enables them to create smart appliances that are responsive to Apps and Voice Commands. Driven by the mission “RoI with IoT”, IoTfy’s product suites are helping brands establish scalable business cases for their respective categories. The brand’s vision is to enable Consumer Electronics Brands, Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), to introduce Smart Home Products in their respective categories. Apart from enabling brands to furnish Smart, WiFi-enabled products, across 17 categories including air-conditioners, fans, switches, lights, Chimneys, Inverters, Washing Machines, plugs, and air-purifiers, among the others, IoTfy also integrates the products with Voice Assistants like Google Home and Alexa.