Impact of Covid-19 on Frozen Food Packaging


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted almost every aspect of economic and social life around the globe. Especially in places such as the United States that have experienced a lot of cases, businesses are seeking new ways to make their brands successful. This has had a significant impact on frozen food packaging preferences.

Greater Dependence on Frozen Foods

Perhaps the most notable impact of COVID-19 is the increased demand for frozen foods. Naturally, this has increased the demand for frozen food packaging as well.

People are buying more frozen foods because they want to store foods for longer. Early runs on staple products and foods helped create a scarcity mindset. Additionally, the lockdown orders and nervousness about going to stores helped prevent people from shopping as often.

Therefore, frozen foods are selling better than ever. Furthermore, frozen food brands have a greater need to stand out and get their products noticed. People are also more likely to buy conveniently packaged items such as those in custom printed stand up pouches. These can be compacted into available freezer space more easily.

Features such as resealable packages also have helped drive development in this segment. For example, people are buying frozen fruits and vegetables because they can be more conveniently stores than fresh alternatives.

Need for Sturdy, Cleanable Packaging

People are disinfecting a lot of their purchases. Grocery stores have products that potentially dozens of hands have touched in the store. Plus, freezers can potentially prolong the lifespan of the virus. Therefore, having plastic packaging can help people to more easily ensure their safety by cleaning packages.

Furthermore, stand-up pouch bags for frozen food, general purpose pouches and similar modern-looking packages have a higher-quality appeal. This increases desirability during times hen health is at the forefront of many consumers’ minds.

Growth in the Segment

Overall, there has been significant growth in this segment. Packaging options such as child resistant mylar bags were already on the rise. However, data so far indicates that COVID-19 has helped to accelerate the growth of the frozen segment, substantially increasing demand as food brands strive to get more products back on the shelves.

In particular, flexible pouches have been on the rise. However, this was already on an upward trajectory. Therefore, it makes sense that a lot of brands would move in this direction.

Brands are also interested in cost-cutting where they can. Flexible packages offer the benefit of more compact transportation and storage. Compared to rigid containers, the space savings can be orders of magnitude. Using one truck instead of ten to move packages for a run is an attractive value proposition. So, a lot of brands are taking advantage of these cost-cutting benefits.

Discover the Benefits for Your Business

Whether you are selling frozen foods or other food, beauty, health or similar products, modern mylar pouches can provide you with a lot of benefits. They can also help your brand appeal to consumers in the COVID-19 world. Even beyond the immediate pandemic, it is likely that may consumers’ buying patterns will change. Making plans to address these changes can help set your business up for success.