Ideas for a Great Game-Based Employee Development Program


In order for a company to thrive, its employees should receive continuous training and upgrade their skills and knowledge. However, this can sometimes be done the wrong way. Namely, if you force monotonous and unimaginative seminars and lectures on people, they won’t be able to stay focused for long and they probably won’t learn anything from it. This is why companies resort to game-based programs to advance their employees’ competence and show them new and effective ways to do their job. In reality, this means that game-like elements have been added to the traditional training process, so as to hold people’s attention and get them more involved with the corporate training their company provides them with. If you think your own company could benefit from such a development program, here are some excellent ideas on how to use gamification to improve your business.

Enhance the Hiring Process

Taking a game-based approach to recruiting new workforce for your company might be just what you need to put your business ahead of others. First of all, this is an excellent way for you to assess the candidates’ capacity and, through a variety of interactive games, see how some of the potential recruits interact with one another. This allows you to find out which candidates work well with others, which of them have outstanding organizational skills or which of them exhibit those abilities typical for leaders, so that you can find the right person for each of the positions you want filled. Second, as much as you need extraordinary employees, don’t forget that you’re not only testing them, but you’re also showing them what your company is like and how you generally do things. You’re actually making yourself a more appealing employer to them and your company a more inviting place to work. With some initial game quizzes or competitive games instead of the old-fashioned tests, you’ll get your candidates excited about working for you, so that they do their best to get the job and keep doing their best after they’ve been hired.

Engage Your Employees

Another thing that adds to a company’s success is how engaged its employees are on all levels. When your employees are qualified and ready to go the extra mile to contribute to your company’s prosperity, there’s a higher chance of that prosperity actually happening. This is why, other than constantly developing professionally, you want your staff to be happy working for you, and even more importantly, comfortable working with each other. This can be done through a holistic professional development concept, designed to nurture personal effectiveness, a healthy working environment and inter-department efficiency. To accomplish this, you should rely on some well-structured business management short courses, developed to increase your employees’ business experience and give your company the necessary edge. Choose those courses that are game-based, automated, yet customizable, so that they perfectly suit the particular needs and goals of your company, but also those that provide your team with progressive learning, measurable results and coherent feedback. In addition, this type of training is often aimed at strengthening bonds between coworkers, for a better in-office atmosphere and persistent enthusiasm within the company.

Boost Your Sales

Whatever the product you’re trying to sell is, you’ll want to develop strategies that will continue selling it, preferably with a steady rise in sales. The old-school methods of cultivating the skills required to do this may have worked in the past, but today, it takes more to attract new clients and keep them coming back for your product. Game-based training is an ideal way to teach your employees to do this. Gamification lets your staff members learn through competing against each other, trying to win points and get rewards, while gaining knowledge that will make them proficient at selling your product and make your company more profitable. Some of the games and activities that promote good business may take up no more than a small part of your employees’ workday, while others could take all day to complete. However, making them a part of their schedule can raise your profit in the long run and animate your staff to try new and more compelling ways of reaching your target clients and persuading them that your company has exactly what they need. Gamified learning can get them more interested in the matter, while keeping them more involved and attentive throughout the learning process, so that you eventually have employees who are keen on selling your product and won’t hesitate to resort to some creative and innovative solutions in order to reach and surpass the expected sale rates.

If you want to keep up with the times and grow your business further, you should be open to utilizing some more modern techniques of employee training. The game-based ones will certainly help you reach your company objective, encourage your staff to be more passionate about what they do and create a stable and pleasant environment for them to work in.