How Will Technology Develop From 2022

Technology development in 2022 and beyond

How will technological progress continue? What inventions will come up, how will our lives change in 100-500-1000 years? We can only make bold assumptions. Many people think that some countries are still lagging behind in technology, but this is not the case. India is one of those countries where the standard of living is quite low, but space technologies are high. People in India, just like us, strive to develop and like to place bets on the betting site India.

Let’s fantasize today about what events can happen next and what the Earth of the future will look like in 100-500-1000 years.

These assumptions are based on what stage of technology development is currently at and what major projects that may have an impact on future progress are being developed by NASA and other organizations.


  • Elon Musk sends the first SpaceX spacecraft to Mars.
  • The first crewed flight to the moon as part of NASA’s Artemis program.
  • On Earth, meanwhile, fully automated factories produce various goods.
  • A new generation of “smart” materials has been developed that combine different functions. For example, building blocks that are also solar panels.
  • VR (virtual reality) technology has evolved and allows users to feel the temperature and vibrations in games in addition to the image.
  • Drones are used by the police to ensure order, help extinguish fires and deliver goods.


  • The first colonizers went on a 7-month journey to Mars aboard a SpaceX spacecraft.
  • People with health limitations use special medical chips that help to see, hear, move with paralysis.
  • A universal translator program has been developed that allows native speakers of different languages to communicate. 
  • The disappearance of the translator’s profession.
  • Quantum computers are inventing new medicines, biodegradable plastics, and building materials.
  • Global distribution of the 5g network.


  • Settlements for colonists and factories for the production of oxygen and water are being built on Mars with the help of robots and 3D printers.
  • The International Space Station stops its work and turns into a museum and a hotel. The new commercial station serves as a research base in Earth orbit.
  • Development of technologies for the production of bioplastics. It is starting to be made from renewable resources such as sugar and mushrooms.
  • Large companies are starting to produce programmable microchips. Now the hardware can be updated as well as the programs.
  • The world’s first thermonuclear reactor has been launched, which produces a large amount of “clean” electricity.
  • The first trial using artificial intelligence was held, as a result of which the accused went to jail.
  • 4d printing was invented. The resulting materials can change their structure depending on environmental conditions.
  • A large number of people live with artificial organs produced using 3D printing.


We have a great future ahead of us and a lot of interesting things. And what do you think? Is such extensive technology development possible in the near future? We hope that you liked this selection.