How to use Twitch to promote your business

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The advent of social media has made it possible for countless brands, regardless of their size, to increase their visibility in a simple, fast and intuitive way, and at relatively low cost. Until a few years ago, the costs for a certain level of advertising promotion could be prohibitive for small brands, which were forced to limit themselves to a few sporadic advertisements in local newspapers or even rarer billboards. In this sense, the Internet and social media have democratised the field of advertising, making it accessible to an increasing number of companies and brands eager to make themselves known worldwide. Thanks to these new means, even the smallest brands can finally broaden their horizons and invest money in an extremely precise promotion, aimed at a pre-selected and extremely specific target, thus multiplying their opportunities to increase sales and business performance. Social media, in particular, are not only an extremely effective weapon at the disposal of brands (of all brands), but are above all the link between the company and the future of marketing, which continues to evolve daily at a truly dizzying and unpredictable pace.

The arenas of the future

Small traders and shop owners should in no way think that the management of social media, as well as that of corporate websites and newsletters, should necessarily be the prerogative of large companies, multinationals, or that technology can only really support certain sectors. The truth is that the most succulent fruits of digitalisation (such as the possibility of autonomously launching advertising campaigns on social media) can be grasped by anyone, regardless of their sector, especially for those brands that are at the beginning of their development path and that, thanks to social networks, perhaps for the first time ever, have the concrete possibility of competing with the market giants, with the most quoted and consolidated competitors, even at a local level.

It may seem paradoxical to some, but even commercial activities such as butcheries, bakeries or pizzerias can effectively harness the power of social networks to promote themselves, to attract new customers, or even simply to consolidate their notoriety at local level. One of the most interesting channels, from this point of view, is undoubtedly Twitch, a social media mainly dedicated to the world of video games, but which for some time now has also become an effective marketing and communication tool for businesses of all sizes.

An opportunity for small shops

Every butcher’s shop should open a Twitch channel. Thanks to the useful feature of live streams, you can show your audience the different stages of your work, some funny pills from backstage, or the funny stories of some regular customers. All this will help enormously to increase the public’s interest in your business, and if you own an e-commerce, or a home delivery service, this content will undoubtedly bring in many more visitors and potential buyers. Twitch also allows all users to create live content, which could be exploited by the managers of any business to deepen a certain topic related to their work, perhaps by discussing it with other colleagues or experts connected remotely. From this point of view, Twitch can also become a powerful means to consolidate and strengthen one’s online reputation.

For optimal results, of course, proper corporate social media management also includes paid sponsoring campaigns. During the first months of a brand’s social profile, investing a certain amount of money in page promotion is not only recommended, it is necessary. You should set a monthly budget for sponsorships, in the full knowledge that more investment will inevitably correspond to better performance. The mechanism has several aspects in common with the one that regulates the redemption of bonuses on the best online gambling portals, such as Jackpot City: through consistent deposits, users will be able to benefit from truly exclusive bonuses, up to $1600, with the possibility of obtaining even 50 free spins without any deposit – in addition to 200 extra free spins – and to experience one of the largest selections of casino games currently present in New Zealand, all extremely safe and fun. By investing more in sponsored posts on social media, traffic to your page will increase considerably, bringing a significant number of visitors to your website and other business channels as well. The bonus, in this case, continuing the parallel with the world of gambling, is all those users who will spontaneously decide to subscribe to your channel or place an order on the site.