How to Master Real Estate Postcard Mailings


Postcards mailing is a trusted marketing strategy that has worked for many successful real estate agents. It does not only help you retain past clients or acquire new ones, real estate postcards mailing is an effective way to showcase sale and listing, and also help you remind people that you are still active in the community.

However, postcards mailing will not bear fruits if not done consistently and correctly. It is essential to know that real estate postcards mailing may take some time to show results, but the good news is that it will surely help you increase your leads. Read on how to master real estate postcard mailing for quicker results.

Focus on a Specific Area

Targeted mailing is the easiest and most effective way to grow your real estate business, choose a specific demographic, and take your time to know everything in the area. For example, find out the age, income, and length of the residence. Differentiate homeowners and renters and have a message for each.

Choose an area that you can cover either by walking or driving, but it should not be too big. It will help you bond faster with the neighbors than being in a situation where you can’t tell the occupation of the audience you are mailing.

Consider Pulse Mailing

Pulse mailing is real estate marketing made easy, it is just listed and just sold postcards for real estate agents that automatically send postcards to the audience within a specific radius around the property. It is a perfect way to demonstrate success and attract more buyers.

Pulse mailing also helps the clients that were eyeing a sold property to consider choosing a new one from the just listed properties. If you are looking for a faster way to communicate to your potential clients about a new property that just came up, pulse mailing is the way to go.

Drip Mailing Campaign

Sometimes realtors’ schedules can be very busy, organizing open houses, taking clients to see a just listed property among other time-consuming duties. If you are not alert, postcard mailing can become a thing of the past that will eventually affect your performance in the real estate business.

To have constant communication with your audience, drip mailing helps you send messages by scheduling a series of emails with customized content. This can result in increased leads that can result in sales hence more revenue.

Door to Door Mailing

Ensure everyone in your selected area gets a postcard, be it a young family or the seniors. You can consider mailing services like every door direct mail to help deliver the postcards efficiently. It is the cheapest way to make sure everyone gets your message regardless of their status.

The door-to-door mailing will help you get new buyers from the senior class who do not bother reading their emails or checking every notification popping on their cell phones. With door-to-door mailing, you can upload your own postcards postcard design, intended for a specific audience instead of generalizing the postcards.

The Bottom Line

There is no wrong way to mail postcards, but some methods are more effective than others. However, postcards mailing once it is done correctly and effectively, can yield results beyond your expectations. If you are not satisfied with your real estate business performance, it is time to master your postcards mailing. Do a strict follow-up of any postcard posted and keep sending them without giving up.