How to Make Money from a Tech Blog


The easiest way to earn money from a tech blog in 2021 is to monetize the website that the blog is hosted on. This can be done by joining an ad program, becoming an affiliate marketer, or by creating original content for the blog.

Read on to find out more and learn 6 more tips on how to make money from a tech blog successfully. 

1. Become an Affiliate Marketer

The easiest way to earn money from a tech blog is to become an affiliate marketer for a product or multiple products. Affiliate marketing is when a company pays a website or individual for driving traffic and sales to their website.

For example, Amazon is a massive retailer that has an affiliate marketing program. Content creators, blog writers, and other business owners can join their programs to earn additional income from their blogs.

In some cases, becoming an affiliate marketer is as easy as writing a relevant article and including hyperlinks to products within the content. Readers can then click links directing them to products that the author is writing about. 

Once the link is clicked, the blog writer can get paid for the amount of traffic coming through the link or a portion of the sales revenue for each product sold.

2. Join an Ad Program

Another great way to earn money from a tech blog is to join an ad program that will bring in revenue based on the ads that are shown on your blog and the number of clicks those ads receive. Google Adwords is one such program that will allow those with established websites to join.

Most ad programs have a certain set of rules that are defined before the website can be accepted. Once the website is accepted into the program, the ad company will start to show ads on the blogs. 

For a website to be accepted into some ad programs certain requirements need to be met. Having a well-designed, easy to use website is crucial to receiving traffic andreturning users. Some people may opt to purchase an existing site that already has trafficor others may decide to build a brand-new site, add content consistently, and build up traffic. These options require initial funds to either purchase an existing website or to build a new site to grow from the ground up. If you’re running low on funds, consider applying for a personal or business loan to finance your venture. As always, educate yourself on personal loans and borrow wisely.

When the blog’s traffic starts to interact with the site and the links found on the website, the blog creator can start to earn additional income. Other company’s pay to show these ads to allof the websites included in the program and some of them will pay quite a bit of money to do so. 

3. Create Unique, Original Content

While this suggestion doesn’t alone create revenue from a tech blog, it will help to earn revenue by other means, such as ad programs or affiliate marketing. Creating unique, original content is important for monetizing any type of blog, but especially a tech one.

Creating good content will entice users and readers of the blog and website to continue returning. This is important for search engines like Google and Bing because they use traffic statistics to format their search page results. 

The more users your tech blog has, the higher up on the search engine results page your website will go. As a general rule, you want your site to come up within the first 5 results of the search engine return to generate the most traffic to your site.

4. Paywall Your Content

Another reason that you want to create good, original content for your tech blog is for the ability to paywall your content. By putting your best content behind a paywall, you can encourage your readers and subscribers to purchase your content.

An example of how you could set this up would be to create a ‘tech installation guide’ and charge readers $0.99 to download a copy. While new and unfamiliar users may offer paid content, this usually works better with an established audience.

5. Create and Sell Merchandise

Creating merchandise that is unique to your brand and tech blog is another great way to monetize your site. Do you have a catchy tagline or slogan that you use? What about a unique sign-off for your articles? Put it on a sticker or shirt and offer them to your audience.

There are many different websites to create and sell merchandise for a nominal fee. Places like Shopify, Printify, or Spreadshop offer printing, shipping, and vendor management tools for creating your own store.

6. Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

Lastly, of all the ways listed to make money from a tech blog, the most important thing to remember is to generate traffic. Without a significant amount of traffic to your tech blog, none of these ways to make money will work.

Generating a good amount of traffic to your website is crucial. Some ad programs, like Google Ads, will not accept websites into their programs without established users and traffic. You may find that you have to write for six months before being accepted into a program.

The same concept applies to affiliate marketing and your own merchandise. Without enough traffic to the site, you probably won’t make much revenue from these efforts. Generate traffic, then monetize.