How To Get Your eCommerce Site To Be Noticed By Potential Customers

ecommerce selling concept on search engine

Attracting new customers to your website is the engine that drives sales. You need to constantly search for innovative ways to attract customers’ attention to grow your eCommerce store. Fortunately, there are more ways to tap into unexplored traffic channels than ever before. It means you can be ambitious by tackling several new ones as part of an omnichannel strategy.

Traffic generation methods such as pillar blog posts for SEO, personalized email marketing, influencer marketing and social media posting are highly effective. They will get your website noticed and give you a fighting chance against the toughest competition in your marketplace.

Pillar blog posts for SEO

eCommerce stores can do much more than sell good products for generating interest. They can be the source of advice, news and tutorials in the form of pillar posts. A well-written pillar post offers numerous advantages:

  • Authority: Establish your brand as an authority in your industry by releasing engaging and helpful content. Pillar posts are great for covering a topic in detail so customers get the help other blogs might not have included in their posts.
  • SEO traffic: Optimize your content for target keywords that can bring in traffic from the search engines. Pillar posts have the advantage of being able to target many keywords since they cover various topics on one page. Effective keyword mapping is required to optimize content and you can do it with the help of a top rated eCommerce SEO agency. These professionals can also help you understand the competition better and find the simplest and easiest ways to get your brand known and loved by the crawlers.
  • Increase trust: Customers build trust with companies that provide value upfront before asking for a purchase. Content that genuinely helps buyers results in the buildup of positive feelings towards the brand. Customers are more likely to choose the eCommerce store that helped them along the buyer journey when it’s time to purchase.

Not sure what topics to create pillar blog posts on? Then ask your customers for feedback and monitor the frequently asked questions. You’ll notice a pattern of questions that the customers regularly ask. Creating pillar posts that answer these questions can be the source of more topics for years.

Bonus tip – you can utilize small sections of pillar posts for an FAQ section. These can be extra sources of SEO traffic because of their ability to appear in the Google Snippets feature.

Personalized dynamic images within emails

Images are effective at grabbing attention and more potent when they are personalized. Email subscribers will immediately notice images that are related to the products they usually buy or are currently researching to buy. The engagement rate increases and they are more likely to click on your call to action to visit your website where they can complete the checkout process.

You can send personalized mass emails with the appropriate images using automation. For example, if you have the information on a Google Sheet, then by using mail merge, the information can be systematically added to the automation tool and used efficiently.

Automation allows this strategy to be implemented at scale, which means your email marketing strategy will have consistency. You’ll maximize the chances of engaging every subscriber to visit your website based on personalized email relevancy.

Influencer marketing

Social media influencer audiences tend to listen to the suggestions of the person they are following. It might be because they provide helpful content, bring news of interest or regularly make them laugh. You can leverage this trust by getting the influencer to plug your website. It’s a highly effective strategy because 49% of consumers listen to influencer

In an ideal world, you could offer every suitable influencer to promote your products, but the marketing budget is limited. Therefore, you need to choose the best influencers for your situation and here are a few pointers:

  • Audience size: Assess the size of their audience to make sure if it’s worth your time. Going after influencers with bigger audiences is better, but they are likely to ask for more in return. You’ll need to find a sweet spot where the audience size is considerably bigger than the cost of promoting your website.
  • Potential to grow: Influencers that are on an upward trajectory are worth collaborating with because they may continue to promote your website once their audience becomes huge. It’s especially beneficial if they won’t increase their asking price because you’ve been with them all along while they were a smaller influencer.
  • Content: You need to reach audiences that are potential buyers of your product, which means you should choose ones based on their content. Target influencers in your niche or complementary ones where people would benefit from buying your products.
  • Brand identity: Influencers you align with reflects on your brand values. You need to consume the social media influencer’s content and decide if it matches what your brand stands for. Influencer marketing is a huge opportunity because some audiences can be reached with minimal investment. For example, sending over free products to show off on their channel might be enough to keep them happy.

Social media posting

Consumers visit social media channels to do background research on the brand they are buying from. They can get an idea of what the brand is about and the new products they are releasing. Nowadays, customers expect brands to have social media profiles or they will have questions about their absence.

Leverage this thirst for social media content by frequently posting on the top platforms. You’ll need to consider the audiences of each social media platform separately when creating post formats. An audience on one platform may respond better to images while others want videos. Researching what works helps you maintain a healthy engagement rate.

Final thoughts

Getting noticed by customers is easier when you are doing something different from the competition. For example, when posting on social media it’s effective to develop an original post rather than rehashing what others have already posted.

Start with the mentioned traffic generation methods and you’ll get noticed by a flood of new customers interested to learn about your products. If you are offering good value in your marketplace, buyers will naturally share them with their social circles