How to Get a Facebook Spying App That Actually Works


Nowadays, the internet and social media networks define everyone’s life; including us Indians. Technology has altered the way we live and do things. Facebook is addictive; we just don’t accept that. After all, has any drug addict ever accepted that they are addicted?But the truth is, Facebook has all us Indian teens and adults hooked!

Addiction and Acceptance:

There’s no data regarding who’s more addicted to Facebook in India: the teenagers or the adults but what we do know is that teens definitely spend more time in front of screens using social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to look popular amongst their friends. They put a lot of thought in sharing their images and their activities on Facebook. All of this has to do with creating a “cool” image in front of others. Indian teens have become rather superficial and focus more on the outward appearance while using Facebook and Instagram profiles as a scale to judge a person. Looking attractive and fun to peers and strangers alike is the ultimate goal when teenagers share their activities and photos in the cyber world.

Is it troubling? To an extent, yes. Peer approval is quite important in the life of an Indian teenager. Same goes for all teens all over the world. Especially when a child enters teenage, it becomes rather vital to be accepted by others. But at the same time, there is plenty of threats and dangers rampant in the cyber world.

According to a McAfee report, 50% of Indian youth have witnessed or suffered because of cyber-bullying and out of that 36% were victims ofcyber-bullying themselves. The results were the part of Tweens, Teens and Technology report an annual study, which studied the social networking habits and online behavior of both Indian tweens and teens. The report aimed to educate others about how one’s carelessness and risky behavior impacts their social media life, privacy, and reputation.

How big of an issue is this?

Online harassment and bullying have adverse impacts on a person’s mental and physical health. Bullying damages a person’s confidence, self-esteem, and emotional health as well. Images and clips go viral on Facebook within minutes and nothing ever gets completely removed from the internet. There are stalkers, sexual predators and groomers who seek vulnerable and impressionable minds and lure them into illegal, immoral or suspicious activities. Therefore, it is important that parents take a proactive approach and monitor their child’s Facebook activities via a Facebook spying app. The idea is not to snoop on your children but carry out efficient parental monitoring that includes looking after a child’s digital and other social media activities.

And how to do that? How to get a Facebook spying app that actually works and isn’t a scamor a total rip off of your money?

Xnspy Facebook Spying App:

Xnspy could be the ideal answer to your parental worries and woes regarding your teen’s Facebook use. Equipped with effective and smart monitoring features that not only lets you access Facebook but popular instant messaging apps as well, Xnspy is the ideal choice for effective parental monitoring. Even if your child is not addicted to Facebook, it is wise to keep an eye on them so that they act responsibly on the internet.

With the help of Xnspy Facebook spying app, you can monitor Facebook, and all that is going on the monitored device. Xnspy supports both Android and iOS devices. You can view text messages, access call logs, listen and record calls, listen and record the surroundings view emails and multimedia, track real-time location, use keylogger and even check the web browsing history of the monitored device. You can easily view the chats that take place on instant messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Kik, and Instagram as well. It is simple and perfectly safe to use.

Does it work?

You cannot go wrong with Xnspy Facebook Spying app.It is one of the best solutions to record and monitor your teen’s digital footprints on Facebook. You can see the kind of people they are talking to, the pages and communities they have joined, and the frequency of their Facebook logins. Xnspy works seamlessly on all the versions of Android and iOS.

Facebook can become really distracting with its constant notifications. It tends to have a negative impact on studies and interferes with the sleep cycle as well. With Xnspy you can remotely watch how your child uses the platform and what information has he shared with the public.

Here’s how the app works:

You install the app on your child’s phone after subscribing to the app from After you are done with the download and installation process, details of which you will receive in an email, you can log in to your web account. Xnspy gives you access to your account that takes you to the dashboard and has all the activities mapped out of the monitored device. The app records information from the device and uploads to your web account. You can view all that is going on the phone from there.

Xnspy Facebook Spying app is invisible and works silently. What’s more? It offers offline tracking as well. It keeps on tracking information and as soon as the device connects to the internet again, it uploads the information.

All Indian parents, who are worried of their teenagers’ late-night phone activities or think Facebook is making your child withdrawn or disturbed, it is time that you become aware and take an interest in your child’s life. Ask them if someone is harassing or bullying them and take the correct measures. If your child is not communicating, then having Xnspy could help you get to the root of the problem at the right time.