How to Download PC Games Faster

Download PC Games

If you’re a big gamer, you know how time-consuming it can be to download PC games. The average player spends roughly $250 per year on video games as per the statistic. With hundreds of new releases every month, gamers want robust connections to download all of their favourites without delay. Even with the greatest internet connection, downloading a game can take hours, which is why we’ve compiled this article on how to download games quickly. We’ll go over things like what sorts of files are downloaded and what pace they should be downloaded at for best results, so you can spend less time waiting for downloads and more time playing your favourite game.


A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is an excellent technique to accelerate game downloads. When you use a VPN, all of your internet traffic is channelled over an encrypted tunnel, preventing your ISP from throttling or interfering with your downloads. When you use a VPN to download games, you can ensure that your download speeds are as quick as possible. VPNs also have a kill switch, which disables all internet traffic if the VPN connection breaks or is likely to fail. This stops any data from seeping out and revealing your position if sufficient encryption is not used – this guarantees that no one can monitor where you are while downloading games online.

Utilise Torrents

Torrents are an excellent way to swiftly download games since they allow you to get the full game at once. When you use a torrent software, such as uTorrent, your computer will connect to other users who have downloaded the same game and will begin downloading it from them. This might be a quick and easy method to receive new releases without having to wait for them to be available on digital shops. Just make sure you only download games from reputable websites, such as pirate bay mirror.

Use Multiple Connections

Most internet service providers (ISPs) now allow numerous connections, so take advantage of this by using all of them simultaneously when downloading games. This will increase your download speed and allow you to acquire a new release in no time. Simply ensure that all of the connections utilised are reliable, since this will have a negative influence on your download speed, so avoid using any unstable or suspicious links while downloading games from the internet.

Download The Game’s Installation Files Ahead Of Time

Another good speed-boosting trick is to obtain a PC game’s installation files before acquiring it. The amount of time saved depends on the size of the file for each game, but in most circumstances, it’s reasonable to assume that having only one connection available will not hinder your download rates. This implies that if you have any difficulty later downloading games (e.g., sluggish servers or sites), you’ll already have them saved locally and may use them instead without interruption.

Use An SSD Drive

When downloading games, if feasible, use a Solid State Drive (SSD) drive. These drives are extremely fast when compared to regular HDDs, allowing for lightning-quick downloads while still giving solid storage alternatives at a reasonable price. However, it is worth noting that an SSD is not a must-have for gaming; many enthusiasts are content with standard HDDs.

Use Multiple Browsers

If you have more than one internet browser installed on your computer, open them all and download the files simultaneously. This will take up all of your available connections, ensuring that the games download as soon as possible. Furthermore, it is preferable to avoid utilizing an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) site such as DropBox or Google Drive, as these sites have a tendency to limit download rates.

Downgrade To A Low Resolution

You may also save time by reducing your graphics settings to the absolute lowest for speedier downloads and overall smoother gaming. However, lowering the resolution too far will result in a bad visual experience during gameplay.

Close Any Apps Running In The Background

Other applications running concurrently with your download may conflict with speeds or cause connection issues throughout – so be sure nothing else is running when downloading games from Steam. Furthermore, close any superfluous browser tabs before beginning a download simply to be cautious, because each tab consumes system resources, which might slow down performance if there are many open at the same time.

Use Steam

Before being downloaded, most Steam games are compressed files. You may use Steam’s bandwidth management system to prioritise your game’s speed and guarantee it gets onto your machine fast by launching the download in Steam. Steam, on the other hand, may help you manage your bandwidth and prioritise game downloads above other activities like streaming or surfing the web.


To recapitulate, you may drastically decrease the time it takes to download PC games by following the procedures outlined in this article. Whether you have a fast or sluggish Internet connection, these strategies will have you enjoying your new games in no time.