How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name for Your Personal Brand Website

Website hosting illustration

Whether you’re running a huge company or you’re just a humble freelancer trying to make a living in this world, having a website is one of the best ways to do that. Back in the day, this used to be a luxury, and only selected people were in a position to own a website, but this isn’t the case anymore. Almost anyone can start a website and make it one of the best websites in the world, and it all comes down to one simple issue – do you have the right skills and knowledge to make that happen? In addition to knowing how to build websites, design their visual appeal, and create useful content, you also need to learn a bit more about some technical items as well, including the process of choosing the perfect domain name. This is especially true when talking about websites that present your personal brand, so if this is something you’re thinking about doing as well, here are a few tips that might help you complete this process in the best way possible.

Make it memorable

This might sound like the oldest trick in the book, but there’s a reason for that – making sure that your website is memorable is one of the most important things when choosing a domain name! This doesn’t mean that you need to go for simple things that might sound familiar to most people out there, because uniqueness has nothing to do with memorable names. You can pick the strangest name you can come up with, and if people are going to remember it, you should start using it! Still, if you want to be extra catchy and memorable, you might go for short and practical domain names that are easy to remember.

Make it personal

If you want to make the most effective and successful website for your own brand, you need to turn yourself into a brand. This approach might have sounded strange when Prince changed his name to a symbol, but just remember how popular this move was! The same goes for people who might use their personal names as a part of their domain name, and if you choose to do this, don’t forget to create a practical personal website as well, together with the best possible domain extension in the world – .me. This way, everyone will learn your name, your brand’s name, and your domain name, all at the same time, and that’s the win-win combination you should always be going for.

Check yourself

Before you start making any final decisions, don’t forget to spend some time researching the wide world of the Internet and checking whether someone is already using the domain name you’d like to use. The chances of this outcome are tiny, especially if you used a catchy name you came up with yourself or if you’re going with your own name, but don’t be afraid to go through this process anyway. You can never know what’s going to happen, and in case someone is already using the domain name you’ve wanted to use, noticing this as soon as possible is crucial.

Think about alternative solutions

In case you’re one of those people who don’t want to take “no” for an answer, you probably won’t like this tip. However, sometimes you’ll need to take this answer and accept the fact that you’re not going to be able to find your perfect domain name. Whether someone’s already using it or you’re not in a position to come up with a name that’s catchy enough, you should accept defeat and think about other options. In other words, you have to think about alternative solutions and find a way to get a great domain name even if you’re not going with your first choice. Still, you shouldn’t worry – some of these ideas might work perfectly for you and turn out to be a better solution than you initially imagined.

Finding the perfect domain name for your personal website might sound like the hardest thing you’ll ever do, and while that’s not completely untrue, you need to listen to these tips and keep focused on finding a great solution. And once you do that, your website is going to reach a new stage, and you’ll start seeing improvement in no time at all!