How to Change Sediment Filter for Well Water?


A sediment filter nicely improves the efficiency and consistency of well water. It is a water purification system that filters water until it enters your home. These filters are a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable investment. To safeguard your family, you should buy and set one. Not just setting is alright. To drink pure water, you need to maintain it and change the setup once in 3 to 6 months.

For you, we have made an easy guide on how to change your sediment filter with a few quick steps. We also enlisted some of the filters that are best in the market.

How to Change Sediment Filter?

We are providing you a step-by-step guide to change your sediment filter for well water. Don’t panic! It is easier than you think.

  1. Before changing the filter, turn off the water supply. Next, make sure all of your tanks are in bypass. After that, open the nearest faucet to release any pressure. After draining all water, remove the housing from the cover. Now, take a wrench, use a little force and turn it clockwise to loosen the cover.
  2. After removing the housing of the filter, there would be a lot of water dripping through the system. So, put a bucket under it beforehand. After the water has stopped flowing, now you will have to change the cartridge and O-ring.
  3. Before replacing the new set, please remove the old O-ring and cartridge. Now start applying the new O-ring. To make the work easy, you can use a little bit of food-grade silicone grease. Before placing it on the grooves, use your fingers to coat the ring.
  4. Now you will set the cartridge in its place. After removing the packaging, insert it in the housing, and secure it properly. Now take the housing and reattach it to the shell. Switch it anti-clockwise with your hands. Tighten it with your wrench, but don’t just secure it too tightly.
  5. And finally, turn on the water supply carefully. Keep the faucet open like before. Then you can see the water flowing properly or not like before. After setting up everything, but the tanks back on track. Now clean up the place, and you are ready to use the filter again.

Top 5 Sediment Filter for Well Water

In the market, both online and offline, you will get hundreds of filters scattering around. But after researching and considering several matters, we have listed the 5 best sediment filters for well water. Here they are-

iSpring Reusable Sediment Filter

This sediment filter will serve as your appliances’ first line of defense. It effectively removes rust, gravel, and particles that are harmful to your body until they reach the primary filter. The filter guard has pores with a size of 50 microns to allow larger particles to move through. It also has a reusable flush valve that can withstand water pressures ranging from 20 to 100 psi. You can change the filter after 3 to 6 months of usage.

Rusco Sediment Water Filter

Rusco has been one of the most trusted and leading sediment filter producers for several years. This filter can withstand a whole load of 150 PSI. Even after filtering sediments, it maintains a high flow rate of water which can range up to 50GPM. The fluidity of using this product is that you can choose between 1″ and 1.5″ port sizes. In addition, you can buy this multi-purpose sediment filter at a very reasonable price. So, grab yours before it is too late.

EcoPure Water Filtration System

Sediment, mud, grit, chlorine flavor, and odors can be removed by the 5-micron sediment filter. Impurities are captured by an encapsulated filter design. It has an automated bypass that makes for fast and easy filter changes without the use of tools. In addition, its proprietary flow and catch system provides better-tasting water (so now you don’t have to drink chlorine flavored water). And it does that without even reducing the water flow. You can use this filter for up to 6 months.


To ensure clean water, this water filter employs cutting-edge technologies. It collects sediments, chlorine, and metals. The filter has a water pressure scale of 30 to 100 PSI. It has a one-of-a-kind LED indicator that tells you when it’s time to adjust the filter. It also has a bypass shut-off valve for pressure release.

Culligan WTR Filter System

This filter does not need to be changed regularly. The casing can be changed without turning off the water supply. It will purify water in the range of 8000 to 16,000 gallons. It is easy to set up for everyone and guarantees the best without sacrificing consistency.


Choose the best filter which is cost-effective and suitable for your household. Drink clean water. Maintain the filter timely and have a nice, healthy, and balanced life. Cheers to life!