How To Block a Contact on Samsung – Important Details


Your phone should be your little heaven. However, for some reason, some people end up finding our contacts and make life extremely difficult. These may include your ex, those telemarketing companies or some nagging former workmates.

The good news, however, is that you can show such people “the door” – quite literally. If you’re a Samsung user, here’s how to block such contacts.

How It’s Done

We’ll begin this journey by landing on the phone’s home page. From this platform, you’ll require to find the “Phone App.”

Seen it? If you can’t see it, try to scroll either rightward or leftward. This will reveal many other apps on your phone and hopefully the “Phone App” will be among them.

Get The Contact

Identify the number you want to block. You can note it down somewhere or simply highlight it on your contacts list.

Once that’s done, go to your “Phone App” and select the number that you wish to block. Once you select it, click on the “More” option.

Struggling to find this Option? Simply look at the top-right corner of your app. It should be right there waiting for you.

Next Up

Once you tap on the “More” option, you’ll see something that reads “Add to Auto-Reject List.” Seen that cute little button? Well, that’s probably the magical pill you’ve been wishing for in such a long time. Now it’s time to activate it!

More Settings

In case you wish to remove or add more edits, you simply need to follow a few simple steps. These additional steps involve going to your Phone’s settings option. Under the settings, look for the call settings options.

Under the call settings option is the “All Calls” setting. Look keenly under the “All Calls” option and you’ll discover a very helpful option known as “Auto Reject.” Make good use of it.

Hey Samsung Users

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It’s, therefore, pretty encouraging to see that they’ve provided this handy option for us. So, if someone has been nagging you, you know which button to use.

Final Thoughts

Different phones have different methods of blocking contacts. For some, you’d need to download an App and use it to do the heavy-lifting. For others, you’d need to follow a few simple steps through the settings route.

Fortunately, Samsung falls within the latter option!