How to Avoid Text Message Scams (Must Read!)

Text sms scam on phone

Text message scams are a real deal. In addition to just spamming your inbox with unwanted messages, they also compromise your phone to susceptible risks of external intrusion. Such numbers are increasingly looking more and more legitimate.

With this fake legitimacy that seems like a perfect part of the plan, it is hard to assess which is a genuine number or which is a scam number. Just dismissing a call by considering a scam call can make you miss out on a legitimate conversation.

The first step in avoiding a text message scam is to know about the fact that it is a text message scam. For you to know about that, you do not need to undergo a long or tiring process of deciphering the real status of such a call.

CocoFinder: Best Reverse Phone lookup

CocoFinder is a reverse phone lookup that allows you to look into the legitimacy of a number. Is it a number genuine or just another scam? Researches have shown that over 50% of calls and messages received on a mobile phone are just scams. 

The platform provides such ease that allows you to lookup suspicious numbers on CocoFinder. You do not have to be in a state of confusion that the call you received was from a genuine or a fake number. You can plan your reaction to the call or message you missed based upon the judgement. 

While there are applications that one can install on the phone to know who the caller is, these applications have premium plans too that can offer calling secrecy to their user. The result might not be as you expect it to be. 

Further, some phone number detection applications are not even compatible with all kinds of devices. So, it essentially curbs the very purpose of the app. The phishing and scamming networks are so immensely connected and well sorted, they curb all evident points of suspicion.

Hence, the best way to deal with an unknown number is to look it up on CocoFinder. Within a few moments of entering the details, you can ascertain the caller and analyse the context for it in accordance.

Check if it is a legitimate caller

You can identify suspicious callers and respond to the calls in accordance. You might be under perception that you can attain the caller details on a rampant Google search, but that’s anything but true.

The people who intend to put up a scam are very technologically sound these days. They are aware that Google can turn out to be the first and last resource where people may look up the information about the call. So, they try to maintain and craft a clean slate on Google. 

So, when the intent is to deceive, you have to trust a resource that is extremely legitimate and extracts information from only verified sources. Yes, CocoFinder’s database is massive and extremely verified. The information you obtain from this resource will be 100% authentic. 

However, not all States are technologically advanced or open enough to publish these records online. Therefore, in order to access these records, you might have to individually request for the same. There are also joint accounts, joint ownership of property, children’s birth certificates, etc. that indicate marriage.

Massive Database

CocoFinder has a massive database that helps in ascertaining who is calling from where. You can look up based on any information that you have. In addition to a reverse look up facility sheerly based upon the phone number, you can also check someone’s identity based on other information.

So, the more concrete details you have, the better will your search results be. If you have just the phone number, you can pursue the caller details from the reverse phone lookup feature. 

If you have just the first name or last name of an individual, you can look up more vital details about them. Knowing the person’s State further narrows down the search results for you. 

What CocoFinder Reverse Lookup can Provide you

CocoFinder’s Reverse phone lookup can provide you a bunch of details that you didn’t even know you can garner from just the phone number. In addition to learning the caller’s name and getting a prima facie insight into the person, there are a whole lot of other bunch of details you can attain about them.

You can see their aliases. You can see the current complete address of the caller and would also be able to view their previous addresses. You can also see their email ID, their social media profiles, their relatives or suggested relatives.

You can attain all this and more information, just from the phone number. Therefore, do not spend your time dithering where you should call back the missed call or is there any legitimacy to the text you received. 

Deception is a likely outcome in today’s times. Therefore, to avoid instances like these, you can check any and every information about the person. You can dig up all personal and professional details that you want to know about them.

What makes CocoFinder Best Reverse Phone Lookup

There are many reasons why CocoFinder is the best reverse phone lookup that you are likely to find. The first and the most vital reason is the fact that it extracts data out of the most reliable and verified sources. There is no shady information or dubius business. 

The web based application is also devoid of any advertisements. You can primarily focus on the very reason you visited the web page. While other reverse phone lookups are entrusted with phishing tools, CocoFinder is super simple to use.  


Stop being in any sort of discomfort or assumptions about who called on your number. Why compromise on the safety of your system when you can look up suspicious numbers on CocoFinder. 

It is the most reliable resource that is there to exist. The conformity of information is so legitimate that you will be able to identify a call or text message scam in a jiffy!