How SSL Certificate is Important in Modern-Day Internet

Importance of SSL certificate

SSL is short for the standard socket layer. In simple words, it provides a secure data transfer between your browser and the website’s server. All the transmission of data takes place in an encrypted channel and, thus, maintaining its safety. In the modern world of the internet, a majority of the population prefers online shopping and payments for services. But, a staggering 85% of the people avoid making payments on an unsecured website. 

To add further, Google has also made the SSL as a crucial factor in the ranking of the website. Therefore, if you want your website to rank better and also attract your potential customers, then an SSL certificate is a must. The following are the five reasons why the security of your website is exceptionally crucial. 

#1 Fosters website security 

The most significant advantage of SSL is that it protects the data moving in and out of your website. There’s a lot of sensitive data that gets transmitted daily such as, signups, log in details, personal information, addresses, and payment. By getting an SSL certificate, you can protect the data of your visitors from getting hacked by cybercriminals.  

#2 Authenticates your website 

Identity verification is one of the essential parts of website security. The internet can be deceptive, and there can be other websites that pretend to be you. But, an SSL certificate requires you to identify yourself and your organization. Upon completing the identification, your site receives trust indicators. So, the user will be able to recognize your official website and save themselves from cyber-attacks.      

#3 Protects all your subdomains 

The wildcard SSL certificate can safeguard your leading site as well as all your subdomains. And you can protect them all with the help of only one SSL certificate. It’s especially beneficial if you have a vast business website with multiple subdomains. When you use a typical SSL, then you need to install separate certificates for each of your subdomains. 

#4 Improves search engine ranking 

Another significant reason for installing an SSL certificate is the improved SEO ranking for your website. Google rolled out HTTPS everywhere program according to which sites with SSL certificates get a boost in their ranking. The lift will not be skyrocketing your ranking, but having an encrypted connection provides you an upper-hand over competitors who have unsecured connections. 

#5 Instill trust in customers 

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The customers will freely navigate through your website and make payments, all due to the SSL certificate. You will be easily able to instill confidence in customers about your company. Upon receiving the certificate, your website will get shown with a security padlock in the left corner of the address bar. It shows that your website’s connection is private and secure, as well.    

As a final observation 

Form jacking attacks have significantly increased in the last year, with an average of 4,800 websites getting attacked each month. Therefore, it’s high time that you get an SSL certificate for your website. It will encourage more customers to buy products or services from your site, and your website will come across as credible to viewers.   

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