How machine learning is shaping our future?

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Technology keeps on evolving and that’s how we keep growing. The role of technology in making our life easy, fast and effective can’t be ignored because without technological evolution, we wouldn’t have been able to come this far. Digging in the mountains of Mars to taking pictures of the first black hole, everything has been made possible because of the advanced technology which has been shaped to give humans new opportunities and possibilities in every field.

There was an era when the introduction of computer revolutionized the world then came an era when cloud computing became the new technological marvel and currently there is one such technology which is shaping our future and it is popularly known as Machine Learning.

When you hear the word machine learning then you start thinking about computers playing chess, solving puzzles, answering questions but you should know that machine learning is much more than this. The implementation of machine learning is very wide and it will play a big role in shaping our future. Many people still think that concepts like machine learning and artificial intelligence are futuristic possibilities but you should know that these amazing technological innovations are already a part of our business, society, and achievements.

So, in this blog post, we will be looking at how machine learning is shaping our future and what role it will play in making us more effective and efficient. But before understanding how it’s going to shape our future, it is important to know what machine learning means.

What is Machine learning?

Machine learning is basically a driving force of Artificial Intelligence through which a computer is programmed with the amazing ability of self-learning and enhancing its performance at different tasks. In simple language, machine learning is all about the analysis of big data and in this analysis, the programmed computer system goes through the information and then uses it to make predictions. If the prediction goes wrong then the computer learns from that and makes a correct prediction in the future.

To understand the simple implementation of machine learning, you can take a look at the semantic results provided by Netflix and Amazon. These semantic results are based on the special algorithm that analyzes the user’s search history in order to predict what the user is looking for or what the user likes.

Machine learning plays a big role in analyzing the gigantic amount of data collected on the internet and when we say gigantic, we really mean it. You will be surprised to know that every second nearly 40,000 searches processes which mean almost 1.2 trillion searches in a year. If we calculate this on a much larger scale, then we can say that the human race spends almost 1 billion years online.

Analysis of such a large amount of data wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing machine learning. But the implementation of machine learning isn’t only limited to showing you recommendations on Netflix as now it is being integrated with various business solutions, our daily life, space exploration, climate prediction and much more.

How machine learning is changing everything?

Even with so many possibilities, the implementation of machine learning has faced some criticism as well. On one side, some people consider the use of machine learning as a miracle while others consider it as a curse. You should know that machine learning has a great potential of automating a big portion of skilled labor. Currently, machine learning is capable of automating only single task while there are numerous jobs which require multiple tasks. Now, let’s take a look at some of the industries in which machine learning is being used.


A teacher needs to wear many hats and still, we haven’t been able to develop a machine or computer which can automate all those tasks but with the help of machine learning, a small portion of those multiple tasks can be easily automated. By programming computer on the basis of machine learning, we can make them capable of designing study plans, analyze test results and help in grading. Along with this, by analyzing the attendance of students and their academic performance through machine learning, we can know that gap in knowledge.


Currently, a large portion of legal firms is now turning towards machine learning in order to analyze a big chunk of data which are related to legal processes. With the help of machine learning, previous cases and documents are being reviews in a fraction of second which otherwise would have taken months. Many people are thinking that machine learning will replace lawyer in the future but that is not possible because even the job of a lawyer requires multi-tasking which can’t be automated by the current machine learning technology.

Skilled and manual labor

Among all the other implementations, the automation in industries will be one of the biggest changes brought by machine learning. There were many tasks which were once carried out by trained workers but now they are being handled by the amazing machine learning. But most of this jobs involved danger or potential harm and that’s why instead of looking at this automation as a replacement of trained labor, you should look at it as a reduction in accidents and potential harm.


The health sector is also capitalizing on the benefits of machine learning. With the help of machine learning, doctors are able to adopt a quick patient diagnosis system. By analyzing the large database containing millions of other cases, doctors have been able to able to diagnose patients for ailments at a much faster rate. With the help of AI, the health sector is accurately detecting tumors in radiology scan and analyzing different moles for skin cancer.

So, machine learning is not a futuristic concept which you see in Hollywood movies as various sectors and industries have already started using it and the results are magnificent. There is no denial in the fact that due to the automation by machine learning, many jobs will become unavailable for human but that will be for the betterment of our society and future.

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