How Is Artificial Intelligence Helping Fintech?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has perforated all industries across the world and helped businesses achieve their objectives in modern times. AI has significantly impacted the financial sector as well.

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The financial industry has witnessed a dramatic transformation in the past few decades. Consumers of today are able to carry out transactions in a secure and safe way. From shopping online to making payments, emerging technologies such as AI, the blockchain, and machine learning have fortified financial industries. The Fintech industry has been revolutionized by the use of data analytics and AI.

So what does AI do for Financial Technology?  Large amounts of data are processed by artificial intelligence to arrive at insights which will impact business and help them make strategic decisions. Many organisations are upskilling their employees by providing fintech courses which can help them effectively deal with the business using AI.

Here are some ways artificial intelligence can help fintech companies:

Decision Making

Fintech companies have to deal with a significant amount of data. This data, whether structured or unstructured, takes a long time to process which consumes both resources and cost.

By implementing AI, fintech companies can adopt a data-driven approach which can help them make faster decisions thereby optimising costs and reducing time.

Customer Support Enhanced

Customer support is an integral part of any business, and it is especially important for financial institutions to cater to their customer needs. AI has enabled a smoother, more seamless system of text messages, IVR and service expertise at a low cost. Chatbots today analyses data in real time and are able to providevaluable inputs to customers to help them realisetheir financial goals. Automation of customer services using catboatsis the newnorm for many banks since it is cost-effective.


With the rise of technology, security has become a top priority. Since banks and financial institutions are dealing with sensitive and confidential data, there is a lot of potential for cybercrimesand fraud. AI will collect and store data in a secure fashion ,and machine learning techniques ensure thatpatterns which are laid out help reduce fraudulent activities. Since humanintervention is nil, there are minimal chances of data being tamperedwith. Since learningartificial intelligence,they are able to adapt,and intuitive predict potential risks therebyhelping security.

Financial Assistance

Whether it comes to wealth management or achieving financial goals, fintech companies can deploy virtual financial assistants who can analyses user behavior, spending patterns, investments and make recommendations. They can further watch the market andpredict trends which will help customers make the right investments. These‘robotic advisors’ are on the rise today, thanks to AI.


Artificial Intelligence is fast becoming more intelligent than ever before. The future of AI will have in store machines which are more agile, moreintuitive and more conscious than its predecessors. 


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