How Do I Disinfect My Mouse and Keyboard

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Even though so many people use a PC every day, the last thing most people normally remember is to disinfect the pc keyboard and mouse. However, the keyboard and mouse is the seat to most bacteria and germs, this is because the hands are always on it.

How many times do you remember to wash your hands, even when we are advised to wash them? frequently, getting these quick tips to help disinfect the mouse and keyboard would ensure that you stay germ-free.

When hands are not washed, the bacteria are transferred to the keyboard and mouse especially for those who are always working on their computer day and night such as developers, writers, and bloggers. Instinctively, you grab a bite around it, talk around it and your hands end up on it. Also when dust and dirt continue to pile up in crevices around your pc, this could cause some malfunction. You can also incorporate these quick steps into a weekly routine to help you stay disease-free and give you pc a longer life-span.

Several ways to clean and disinfect my mouse and keyboard

There are several ways to clean the mouse and the keyboard, as this is the first step before you think of how I disinfect my mouse and keyboard.

Turning the keyboard and mouse upside down:

while some people advise, turning the keyboard, upside down and shaking it, you can also turn it upside down and give a light pat on the keys. You would find dirt falling out of its holes.  You can simply turn your mouse upside down too to let dirt fall off, while you roll the ball in between up and down. While you are at it, you can use a dry cloth or brush to move through the keys.

Remember that before you start cleaning ensure that you have plugged out your pc from the power source and remove the batter. When cleaning the mouse, you would also turn it upside down and pat the scrolling button a bit, and where there is none on it, simply pat the mouse.

Do a little bit of Dismantling for the keyboard:

You can also unscrew the few screws at the back of your keyboard, to free up the upper part of the keys. This can give you a free view of the dirt and easy access to clean it up quickly. Use a brush to clean off the dirt and put back your keyboard parts together and screw it up.

Use a tiny dirt picker to clean a mouse:

Because of the tinier and fewer crevices that are present in the mouse, they compound lesser amount of dirt, before disinfection you can try using a needle-like object, preferably a toothpick to drag out dirt that might have been trapped in between.

How do I disinfect my keyboard and mouse:

key steps However, after cleaning it is very important to disinfect. Without disinfection, you are still left with bacteria and disease causing organisms.

  • Step 1- Blow off Dust using an air blower: You can use a keyboard vacuum or any tool that blows mild and pressured air, to wade off the dirt that might be deep inside any area of the crevices. You can improvise with a dryer in a lower volume to push out all the hidden dust and dirt.
  • Step2- Use sanitized wipes: You can invest in general well-sanitized wipes, sanitized wipes or UV-beam sanitizer made for tech component cleaning. If you are using every day sanitized wipes, when you take out the wipe, first use it to wipe off your hands or better still wash your hands with a hand sanitizer and dry it off.
  • Step3-Squeeze out extra liquid and start cleaning: Squeeze the sanitized wipes a bit to drain off excess liquid, just in case you are using a wipe that is dense with sanitized liquid. Then you start cleaning every area of the keyboard. The cleaning should be done slowly and remember to clean the edges also. Also, use the sanitized wipes on your mouse.
  • Step 4-Leave for a while: When you are sure that it is done, you should leave it for a few minutes to dry out before putting back the battery or plugging it to a power source. When you are done cleaning you can put back the battery for your keyboard and connect to your power source again. If you are trying to disinfect a laptop, ensure that you stay away from using alcohol or liquid that contains alcohol to clean the screen of the computer as this might be damaging to it.

When you think of “How do I disinfect my keyboard and mouse”, it generally takes you less than ten minutes to complete and you can get back to your business. It is advised that you try to disinfect your keyboard and mouse, at least once a month to help you live disease and germ-free.