How Can Your Business Utilise Smart Cards?


The use of smart technology is a cutting edge and beneficial asset to have, making a customer experience easier and faster. Smart cards and readers can now be found in most businesses in some form. Security cameras, ID badges doubling as door access and computer logon badges. And retail and the service industries are being rapidly upgraded with a number of simple smart technology upgrades. There are a lot of things you can do to attract customers to your business with the help of smart technology. Read on for more information.


The hotel industry strives to keep a customer’s stay as relaxed and stress-free as possible, so it would make sense to implement a little smart tech to streamline systems and make things easier. It is not the norm to reach a reception desk and be handed a smart card, rather than a key, for example. Rooms fitted with card readers means that smart cards can be updated to allow or remove access in real time for various areas. Areas like the minibar, the safe, the spa or gym.

Some hotels have scrapped the receptionist at the check-in desk for a self-check-in kiosk, booked on your phone and paid for with contactless payment, eliminating the need for a receptionist entirely.

Once a customer has access to the gym, they can experience even more smart tech advancements. Gym and spa lockers can also be fitted with smart card readers, with keyless access keeping their things secure. Keycards can often double as membership cards, making the experience feel even more exclusive. Gyms, in particular, are adopting a ‘wearable’ smart card embedded in a wristwatch-like device to keep the experience hands free.


With the introduction and proliferation of smart card technology into day-to-day life, transactions are made quicker, with less stress over what is needed in the moment. No counting coins or stopping by the bank to withdraw cash. It has revolutionized spending while abroad, with the need to convert currency eliminated.

But contactless payment has become so popular due to its end-to-end encryption allowing for a secure transaction every time.

Self-checkouts have also been embraced by those of us who just cannot deal with the effort of social interaction today, thank you very much.

Embraced mainly in supermarkets across the world, self-checkouts are creating a cashier-less retail experience by allowing customers to scan, pay and pack for their items faster. This has allowed stores to spend less money hiring cashiers and allows staff members to focus on other aspects of running the store. The self-checkout allows for shorter queues, more in-store productivity, fewer losses, and better store capacity.

However, other establishments are also embracing self-checkout, like fast food restaurants and train stations.


Casinos and slot venues are also embracing smart cards. Smart cards allow gamblers to top up their money in store with cash or online transactions. They can also double as a loyalty card, ensuring you take care of your customers as they take care of you. It falls on gambling operators to assure that gamblers are of age, confirm their identity and that they are engaging in due diligence. Smart cards can store all those details, providing proof of identity, allow access to the gambling establishment and act as a tool for auditing accounts to monitor their spending.