How Can I Know My Children’s Text Messages


Whenever a teenager uses their iPhone or android to send and receive text messages, it will potentially be a daunting challenge for parents to settle on a satisfactory and efficient way to track the messages sent and received by their child. 

Many parents literally ask for their smartphone from their kid and the parent then scans over various contacts and texts as their child is awaiting for them to return the phone. This will take a great amount of time if there are a lot of messages on the device making the operation rushed, awkward, and inconvenient for anyone involved. 

Moreover, it will negatively affect your relationship with the kids. Kids may also delete a few messages knowingly that their parents check their phone quite often.

Use TeenSafe to Safely Monitor Kids Text Messages

The best approach to be used by  all parents for tracking text messages is to use a parental control or spy app like TeenSafe to prevent this situation and also to stop making their child on the spot. 

It  offers an unfussy way for every parent to export and handle text messages from their child’s phone, all from the comfortable and easy environment of their own desktop or laptop.

How to remotely read all text messages via TeenSafe? 

Installing it and controlling the goal device remotely takes only a few minutes. 

  1. Please visit TeenSpy’s official website and sign up for your account. It is completely free to make an account, and you only need to enter your email address and password in order to continue. 
  2. The next move is to configure the account and follow the directions to set the software for the target computer by entering the correct data. If your child is using an iOS device, add iCloud passwords & other information. If the targeted computer is Android, on the other hand, simply fill in the fields with the account credentials of users. 
  3. After you have completed the second step, a dashboard will be set up where you can read all the text messages and SMS from your child’s phone. 

You will be notified with a pop up notification if your child receives a message or sends it to others.

What Makes TeenSafe A Top Rated App?

TeenSafe works on the personal Mac or Windows machine of either parent. After the software is set up, TeenSafe reads all text messages and saves them to the guardian’s device. You can also read the unsent, drafted, & deleted messages along with the information of the sender. This information may contain their name & contact number. 


All data contained inside TeenSafe whether they are text messages or mails is confidential and exclusively visible to the device where the app is installed. The parent has full control over the data of the exported text or email and nothing will ever be saved in the cloud or online by the software. 

Easy to Use 

The most recent text message history is downloaded and transferred to the current data which is already stored in the app every time the parent opens the dashboard & click on the text messages to read them. As a parent you do not need to ask for the phone password, app lock details or any other information to access the text messages. 

Moreover, TeenSafe offers a very user-friendly interface which means that it is very easy to use. It involves no rocket science & you only need to follow a few steps to start spying on the kid’s text messages. 

To know more about TeenSafe, this page has everything to help you with especially when it comes to spying on text messages. 

Monitor messages from all messaging apps

TeenSafe tracks text messages, social networks, emails, and other smartphone features, to keep tabs on your tween or teen device. This is particularly helpful if you really are worried about possibly lethal discussions or questionable subjects in which your child might be involved. 

With this app, you cannot only read the text messages and view the other person’s information but also keep an eye on the social media activity of the kid, including messaging apps like SnapChat, Facebook, Messenger, & Instagram. 

Filter Content 

If you wish to block entry to particular websites and restrict the access of your child to inappropriate content, such as adult games or pornography, you can use TeenSafe.   Any major operating system—Windows from Microsoft, Mac OS from Apple, or android and smart phones is compatible with this application. 

Block Websites 

A full-featured parental control programme from third parties such as TeenSafe would provide plenty of control over all the gadgets of your child. This can be expensive especially if you have several children to monitor but the expense includes constant supervision of the system, providing you with insight into how children use their devices. 

This parental control will only keep track of accounts they know your kid is using and in order to manage behaviour, you do not need your kid’s password for certain applications. 

Ending Note 

Android devices can differ a great deal about what they deliver, so check the settings of your device to see what choices you have. If your kid is under 13 or even older, you can solely rely on TeenSafe to track and manage internet activities, including text messages and social media. 

You can also use the built-in setting for Apple devices & for Android, which are integrated into the new OS update. These will make children get more and more aware of the time they waste online—and hopefully assist them to significantly cut it. 

On the road to self-regulation, you’ll want to give your kids activate the settings that will be most helpful. Other than using spy app, speaking about the unsafe use of the mobile phones to your kids at young age can bring fruitful results.