How AI is Transforming the Gambling Industry?

Image Source:Singularity Hub

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most trending technologies in the world today. There’s a big argument to be made that artificial intelligence can revolutionize the technological landscape in just a few years. The impact of AI should be felt across every major industry including the online gambling industry.

So, what is the current impact of AI on the gambling industry? In this post, we’re going to take a look at a few ways how artificial intelligence is transforming the gambling industry today!

Use of AI in the gambling industry

Even though the words artificial and intelligence might conjure up images of The Terminator for a lot of people, the truth is we’re far from generalized human-like artificial intelligence by a large margin.

Currently, we have expert systems that can improve themselves and optimize their functions over time using machine learning and artificial intelligence. The expert systems available today are mostly used for the following purposes in the gambling industry:

Customer Support

The highest-ranked online casinos have one thing in common – all of them go beyond the line of duty when it comes to providing customer support and care. Since online casinos are businesses where the customer experience is key, providing timely and relevant customer support also becomes extremely important.

Many online casinos use AI-powered chatbots and other AI-powered customer service platforms which can be used to provide personalized help and support to every single player on the online casino.

Anti-cheating and anti-fraud measures

One of the online gambling industry’s threats is cheating and fraud. It is natural that people would try to cheat or fraud online casinos as much as they try to do so to land-based casinos.

However, the challenges for detecting fraud and cheating in online casinos are very different from the challenges of detecting fraud and cheating in land-based casinos.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have been used in many online casino security systems that have helped in reducing cheating and fraud. In emerging markets such as India, online casinos are using AI to get better insights and to establish themselves in the highly lucrative new markets.

Optimizing user experience

Lastly, machine learning algorithms can be used to provide better and more relevant experience to every user. This is done by leveraging the data collected by the online casinos and using it to generate insights about the players automatically.

Future of AI in the online gambling industry It is clear that artificial intelligence and online gambling have a long road of growth ahead of them and it would definitely be interesting to see how AI will continue to revolutionize the online gambling industry.