How AI (Artificial Intelligence) is Used in the Casino Industry

Robot arm playing dice

Since the start of gambling, there has been a cunning few who wants to cheat the system. And the system does its best to find them and to throw them out before they win. First, there was people who watched the gamblers in person, then there was surveillance from a monitor room and now there is AI analyzing all the activity.

Believe it or not, but most of casinos want their players to be gambling safe and fair. Whether it is to play teen patti live or to have a go at the slots. To do so they use AI to keep track of gamblers bets, deposits and withdrawals in the pursuit to fond the ones exploiting the system. AI is also used to see how different players bet compared to each other to see if they conspire in a try to beat the system.

Collaborations to find the bad fishes

As the casinos and its players are increasing the information that needs to be processed are growing and are now enormous. And the casinos also work together to find persons who has made it their mission to cheat the system and win lots of money without a fair game.

Certified randomizers

For the games that is considered games of luck like slots and lottery software for Random Number Generators are used. These are certified to ensure those who place bets or buy lotteries that the numbers are randomized. If you want to know more about online lottery for Indian players, there is more to learn here.

Is it worth it to build a computer to hack the system?

There are some who try to figure the games that is generated by RNG computers and there has also been attempts at hacking these. As far as we know no one has managed to hack the RNG system yet, but maybe AI will find patterns in how the number generators work in the future. But there will be a lot of information to take in consideration so the question is if it will be worth the cost of making and running that computer.

It’s not all to serve and protect

AI is also used to collect data about gamers behavior, what games they play, for how long and how they change games. All information is then used in attempts to try to get to them to stay longer and to spend more. This is the information that the casinos have used to offer the gamers bonuses and campaigns in the best way.

AI as customer support

There are some casinos that use AI as customer support, some have text-based chats and some even have talking service robots. All in an attempt to save money on salaries. But it is difficult to collect all the data both from the gamblers who need the help and all their different ways of expressing them self. But also all the information about the casino and how to express that to the one needing the help.