How a Hybrid Chat Platform and CRM Function Together for Better Lead Generation and Conversion


What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence refers to the kind of intelligence, often called machine intelligence, that is in sharp contrast with the one that human beings possess and display. AI is one of the most popular technologies in the present time that aims at lowering human interference by structuring and programming computers to do tasks in the most human-like way possible.

So how does a Hybrid Chat Platform help in CRM and lead generation improvement and conversion?

Whenever someone visits a particular website or webpage, it is because the person, the visitor, has a certain amount of interest in the products or services that the website provides or offers. Hence, it is of utmost importance to capture and then store important details about site visitors, like their names, phone numbers and email IDs for future conversions. Conversational AI generally functions better as compared to inquiry or submission forms as they are interactive, personalized in nature and feel a lot like an actual human conversation, thus being more successful in collecting leads, which in turn increases the chances of a visitor turning into a potential buyer or customer.

More and more visitors tend to go down the ‘sales funnel’ and enter the ‘Converted Stage’ if their queries are successfully addressed, without delay, and their issues are resolved promptly, both of which a hybrid support/chat platform like ChatGen with 24*7 presence does seamlessly, even when a live agent is unavailable. It also has the provision of routing a conversation to a live agent if need be. Moreover, it provides compact, crisp and to-the-point information that the visitor asks for specifically or requires.

Rich lead attributes (like geo, custom, UTM etc.) can be collected using a hybrid chat platform and can be integrated with CRM for nurturing leads, promoting business and sales.

Another point that must be kept in mind is the relation between a hybrid chat platform and Machine Learning. Also, its uses and importance in today’s world of scientific and technological advances must be noted. It can reduce the amount of time that sales and support teams invest in time-consuming manual activities and assignments like the following:

  • Extraction of data
  • Processing of data
  • Learning from huge, massive amounts of sales data.

Adopting Machine Learning algorithms will increase appointments by 50% and reduce costs by a whopping 60%. Given the aforementioned advantages, more and more companies are opting for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for closing more deals and for making their support and sales teams better equipped to handle customer relations. Machine Learning helps the sales process in the following four ways:

  • Lead sorting
  • Lead deduplication
  • Automating pre-sales queries
  • Improving customer lifeline value
  • Accessing the intent of the user

ChatGen’s tech and data science team, consisting of highly qualified and efficient people, do this on huge amounts of data and make it possible for the sales team to close more deals.

ChatGen is one such hybrid chat platform designed by, where you can design and deploy automated chat workflows on your website and social media accounts which when integrated will be able to qualify the visitors automatically and route it to the specific agent according to the visitor’s query. It not only interacts with the users, but also provides relevant and required information as per the visitor’s request. Furthermore, it resolves their issues, addresses and answers their questions. Even compared to more well-known platforms like Drift and Intercom, ChatGen manages to stand out in the crowd and has provided sales solutions to over 50 companies and businesses ever since its emergence in 2018, proving to be a fast-growing product.

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