High-Tech Bridge leverages AI and Big Data to map application security risks and threats – non-intrusive service

Hightech Bridge Web Security

Web security company High-Tech Bridge, Winner of the SC Awards Europe 2018 “Best Usage of Machine Learning / AI” category, launches today ImmuniWeb® Discovery AI to conduct the threat-aware risk assessment and inventory of websites and web applications.

Insecure and outdated web applications are a core source of high-profile data breaches. High-Tech Bridge has conducted research on FT 500 global companies revealing that abandoned, shadow and legacy web applications virtually nullify corporate cybersecurity spending and undermine compliance.

ImmuniWeb Discovery, one of the award-winning products in the ImmuniWeb® AI Platform, just requires a company name and main website to start comprehensive OSINT reconnaissance of all external web and mobile applications, web-based APIs and micro services, domain names, SSL certificates and unprotected cloud storage (e.g. AWS S3 buckets) attributable to the company.

The novel AI version of the application discovery offering leverages Machine Learning and Big Data composed of 853,783,291 samples of web vulnerabilities, weaknesses, breaches and misconfigurations to predict an application’s Hackability and Attractiveness without any intrusive testing:

  • Hackability Score (0 to 99) provides an estimation of how easily the web application can be hacked from a technical point of view.
  • Attractive Score (0 to 99) provides an estimation of how attractive the web application is for an average cybercrime group.

High-Tech Bridge’s CEO and Founder, Ilia Kolochenko, says:

“Concerns about cybersecurity skills shortage are growing even faster than global cybercrime. Security professionals are being increasingly overloaded with a great variety of tasks, often of a trivial or routine nature. Few companies have time and resources to build a thorough application security strategy, desultory spending on divergent solutions to get hacked at the end of the day. DevSecOps fails.

At High-Tech Bridge, we continuously innovate and develop new Machine Learning technologies to unburden cybersecurity experts and empower them to focus on important tasks. ImmuniWeb® Discovery AI enables CISOs and their teams to identify external attackable surfaces so that emerging threats can be addressed in a timely manner. We deliver a pragmatic, risk-based approach that reduces overall application security spending and prevents data breaches.

We are currently working on other cool stuff to pioneer the application security industry, stay tuned.”