Top 7 Health and Wellness Digital Marketing Agencies in 2022

Health and wellness digital marketing agencies

As a healthcare organization or wellness center, having an online presence is crucial to driving new patients to your facility and maintaining a powerful bond with current clients. Unfortunately, building a beautiful website can only take you so far. To push your digital brand to higher frontiers, you need to ensure that your business ranks highly on search engines, and there are few better ways to do this than to partner with a leading digital marketing agency, .

SEO For Healthcare Industry

The healthcare world is vast, with several organizations and centers offering services to patients and clients across the globe. Naturally, this fierce competition increases the need for wellness brands to cement a top spot on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). By utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), healthcare businesses can gain the following benefits:

1. Brings Your Business Closer to Customers:

One of the core benefits of health and wellness SEO is that it allows businesses to stand right where customers are looking. Remember, SEO for the healthcare industry is distinct from other service types because most of the traffic is organic. So, by being ranked #1 for an important topic, you have a chance to drive a tremendous number of potential patients to your site.

2. Helps Establish Trust:

Trust is paramount in the healthcare industry, as each patient who registers for your facility or clinic depends on you to take care of their life. However, although building trust is a long-term journey with several steps, SEO is one of the easiest ways to make leaps and bounds in this area. A well renowned healthcare SEO company can help you build the trust factor step by step. Most people believe that the first result for a Google search is highly trustworthy, so by maintaining a high search ranking across several topics, you can gain the trust of potential healthcare patients.

Core Differences Between Healthcare and Regular SEO

  1. Healthcare SEO tailors to a specific niche.
  2. Healthcare SEO tends to focus on its local area instead of optimizing on a global scale. 

Best Medical SEO Digital Marketing Agencies

1. Whites Agency

In healthcare, precision is everything. However, at Whites Agency, there is a core understanding that this accuracy should not stop at an operating room or a prescription slip. Instead, this exactness should also translate to the digital realm. By carefully targeting your potential clients, Whites Agency believes it can deliver fast and consistent growth.

Today, this UK-Based health and wellness digital marketing agency has been able to use this data-driven, narrow approach to aid various healthcare businesses and brands activate their untapped digital potential. If you choose to partner with this company, you can expect a sharp increase in brand awareness, a sustained long-term relationship with new patients, and a brand image that speaks to your organization’s values.

2. Devenup SEO

One of the core digital goals of healthcare and wellness companies should always be to discover systematic and streamlined ways to grow and retain clients. To maintain this progress, Devenup SEO takes a multi-step approach to health and wellness, utilizing the increase in traffic by converting new visitors to leads and customer requests.

Devenup SEO also stands out by having a specialized team that is highly skilled in general wellness, making them a perfect SEO partner for medical startups, clinics, and other healthcare organizations. Today, Devenup has up to 20 health-related partners in its ever-growing portfolio, with its biggest client managing up to 50,000 unique visitors daily.

3. Cardinal

Cardinal positions itself at the forefront of healthcare’s digital transformation. At this Atlanta-based agency, the belief is that health provision is more consumer-focused than ever, and medical organizations must adapt to take on this different type of patient. Cardinal guides health and wellness providers through this digital change, helping push them towards a patient-centered approach that increases customer satisfaction, engagement, and more accurate care.

This company is a perfect partner for providers currently struggling with health and wellness SEO and find themselves spending exorbitant amounts of money to engage with patients digitally. Alternatively, if you have been toiling to kickstart your organization’s digital experience, you may also benefit from Cardinal’s expertise.

4. WindFarm Marketing

WindFarm latches onto a unique spot among digital marketing agencies as one of the few companies offering bespoke services to wellness and fitness clubs. This Californian agency recognized that despite the tremendous demand for fitness and wellness across the country, several clubs were doing little to capitalize on this increased interest.

To help push fitness organizations closer to their customers, WindFarm breathes new life into the digital platforms of its partners by placing a core focus on growth. This strategy ensures a rise in customers and an increase in leads while reducing membership attrition and churn.

5. Thrive Agency

Thrive Agency stands out as a handful of digital marketing agencies that recognize the change in healthcare trends. Today, the digital world is often the first source for patients seeking new medical care. So, being well-positioned in this space naturally tends to be the difference between a healthcare provider that stands for years to come and one that falls by the wayside.

Thrive provides a complete stack of services for health and wellness organizations seeking to remain competitive in this redefined industry. These offerings range from SEO and web development to online reputation management and content writing. This comprehensive set of services makes this agency a one-stop shop for all things health and wellness.

6. Creatitive 

Unlike other digital marketing agencies that tend to serve various industries, Creatitive places its core focus on sports, healthcare, and wellness. This central approach has helped create a team of individuals with extensive experience delivering health and wellness digital marketing. Creatitive helps medical organizations understand that as most of their patients now actively search for healthcare services online, having a meaningful digital presence is the only way to meet your clients where they are.

Through the years, Creatitive has leveraged its expertise to power healthcare organizations by providing a brand transformation fitting for the digital age. Their core services include brand guidelines, logo design, social media management, and healthcare SEO.

7. Netrocket

Although Netrocket’s wings now spread across the entire breadth of Europe, you can easily trace this agency’s origins back to Ukraine. This digital marketing company mostly centers its business around SEO, helping businesses become more visible. At Netrocket, there is a core understanding that no optimization process is complete until their clients rank highly on the SERP, and they make it their goal to ensure this. By snapping up a top-ranking, healthcare organizations can increase their traffic and boost the number of patients visiting their centers.

Tying Down a Healthcare SEO Partner

The world of digital marketing is vast which not just consist of SEO but PPC, social media marketing, bulk SMS marketing, email marketing and so on. There are several niches that your medical organization may find itself sitting in. The optimization strategy for dentistry will considerably vary from personal care provision. This variance, even within healthcare, often means that selecting an agency with an in-depth knowledge of your niche will be crucial to the success of your digital marketing campaign.

Before tying down a healthcare or wellness agency, ensure they have an extensive understanding of your organization and can effectively communicate with your clients.