Good Place to Buy Cost Effective Electronics Components Online


Finally, the time has arrived. You are ready to buy electronics components. We know, you have read all the guides, asked your friends, and learned how not to make any mistakes while buying electronics components but there’s a lot to know when going for online purchases. The real battle begins when you have to choose one among hundreds of online electronics components stores.

Finding the best place to buy electronics components can be confusing and more frustrating no matter whether you are a product designer, manufacturer, or a college student. Each place might sell a variety of models at many price points, but in order to get the best deal on electronics components, you have to find the right place to shop. So, we’ve made things easier for you by listing some of the most important things to keep in mind while shopping online.



When I searched online electronic component stores on the Internet, I was pleasantly surprised to find WIN-SOURCE stores. A wide range of electronic component stores, from basic electronic enthusiast parts to obsolete materials, all of them can be found in WIN-SOURCE. It is a pleasant thing to be able to purchase the required parts in one store at a time.

Compared to Mouser and Digikey, what I like more is the beautiful price of the parts. For example, the part number LPC2364FBD100,the prices of WIN-SOURCE, Mouser, and Digikey are


I tried to place an order at this store. Its online ordering system is mature and can be paid directly through paypal or credit card. Most of the products seem to be stored in Hong Kong warehouses. For international logistics transportation, 3-5 days delivery time is acceptable.For those who are in urgent need of parts, it is recommended to buy from local shops to ensure that the supply chain will not be delayed.

It is an worth tryingonline store , for engineers, circuit design organizations, and OEMs who need to buy the required parts in small batches.

Mouser Electronics


Mouser, famed electronics component distributors in the USA. It may not be a holy place to buy components like WIN-SOURCE,but its rich selection and technical reference information tend to be well informed and worth poring through.

If you love doing a lot of research and reading a lot of different opinions before making a choice then Mouser is the best place to buy. Mouser will provide detailed technical selection to help you find the parts you need.

The site also offers its own buying guidelines, blogs, articles and community forum of like-minded people where you can go and interact with other people.



Farnell element14 ranks 3rd in our list of online electronics component distributors. The company is operating in 28 countries, including the UK, USA, India and many more. No matter whether you are looking for electronics components for design, maintenance, or repair all your needs will be fulfilled here.



From new models to upcoming components, specializes in discounts and low prices. The interface isn’t anything special but there are plenty of filtering options and it’s easy to spot items that have particularly low prices or that are well-reviewed. Digikey is a good stop if you love hunting for good deals on electronics components from leading electronics components manufacturers around the world. 


Ejawda specializes in industrial electronic equipments, Shipping across the Saudi Arabia. The interface is quite good and easy to navigate, serves content in English and Arabic. If you are living in Saudi Arabia and don’t have command in Arabic then this could be the best place for you to head out. Inventory is quite good and you will find equipment from all major manufacturers. Get your industrial electronic equipment in Saudia Arabia from Ejawda now.

Things to check while buying online

Website security: It’s your data, it’s your responsibility to protect it. Yes, you read it right. While making any purchase on any online store, you must ensure the website is secure. An online retail website must have an SSL certificate installed which ensures data transfer in an encrypted format and ensures you safe and secure browsing.  

Customer Reviews: If you are a first-time buyer and have no clue how they serve their customers. Go, read their business reviews from existing customers. This is the best place to get an insight into your supplier’s customer service.

Return Policy: Buying online becomes a nightmare when it comes to product return. Checking your seller’s return policy will help you decide whether you should go with them or not. Most of the online stores have an easy return policy and picks products easily in case of any defect or wrong product shipping.

Customer Support: Are you buying something which may require customer support? If yes, check their after-sale service. 

Common electronics components buying mistakes you can easily avoid

  • Buy the cheapest components from unreliable (unqualified) suppliers
  • Failure to compare prices of multiple suppliers, resulting in too much payment
  • The technical parameters of the goods are not confirmed again, port and compatibility are ignored Make large-volume purchases without trying small-batch purchases before buying