Going Green with Metal Carport Solar Panel Systems

Solar panel to save money

Your decision to select a metal carport has helped to promote a cleaner and more environmentally-friendly system. If you’re looking to take it up a notch, consider converting your steel carport into a solar panel system made of metal.

By 2030, the total solar carport market size will be around $889.95 million. Not to mention government incentives play a huge role in driving solar demand.

We all understand the significance of clean energy for ourselves and the health of our planet. So, let’s explore how to choose solar panels for your metal carport and provide you with some helpful tips.

But first… there are some precautions that we need.

Load Analysis

A solar panel is going to put on some weight on your carport roof. If not distributed proportionally, the carport may collapse. So, a good plan would be to choose high quality certified steel for your carport. It would be best if you use galvanized steel as they resist rusting.

Choosing Solar Panel

The best one is – the monocrystalline panel array. It can be mounted using brackets & clips. It will spare you from drilling into your roof.


It would help if you made sure that installing a solar panel would not violate any warranty of your steel structure. Do not forget to ask your manufacturer before installing a solar panel.

How to turn your metal carport into an eco-friendly carport?

STEP 1: Analysis of the soil & foundation. Check if they can bear the load of your solar panel.

STEP 2: In case you need clarification on STEP 1, refer an experienced contractor for guidance.

STEP 3: Choose solar panel type. Yes, there are many varieties of solar panels. Choose the one that fits your budget & suits your location.

STEP 4: Install the panel on your roof. Now, it would be best if you let an expert handle this. After all, you don’t want to damage your metal roof.

And Voila! You are done. Now, wasn’t that easy!

What are the benefits of having an eco-friendly carport?

  • It saves money. You can save around $1,346 on yearly residential energy bills for a 6kW solar panel generating 9,000KWh.
  • You can use solar panels on your outdoor parking space roof if you are a business with a parking lot. Not only will it provide shade, but also generate energy. Have a look at the local government guide for solar deployment.  
  • Both metal carport & solar panels require minimum maintenance.
  • Eco-friendly carports generate sustainable forms of energy.
  • Adding side panels, you can upgrade your solar roof carport into the garage.

Let’s have a look at some common FAQs that may cross your mind.

What if you already have a metal carport but want to install a solar panel?

Well, in that case, it would be best to take the advice of a contractor before installing solar panels. You will also need to check the foundation or soil to know if your solar panel carport can stand lateral & vertical weight.

But what to do in case you can’t install heavy panels?

Fear not. You can choose a Laminar solar panel. They are light weight & you need to peel & stick them to your roof. It is like those stickers that we use in crafts. They are thin films & give an aesthetic look. They generate half as much electric power as a crystalline panel but are easy to maintain.

If you still want to choose monocrystalline panels, you must add reinforcement to your carport before beginning. It will help support the extra weight.

Will solar panels make my metal carport roof look unattractive/ ugly?

Gone are the days when solar panel looks ugly. We know that most people will prefer a discreet panel that blends into the roof. You would be relieved to know that roof top panels are usually not visible to a person standing on the ground or a passerby.

How efficient are solar panels?

The efficiency of the solar panels varies with their type. For example, monocrystalline solar panels are the most efficient. Its efficiency is between 15%-20%.

Are solar panels efficient in colder regions?

Here’s the Physics. Electrons are at low energy when cooled. The voltage difference is high when sunlight, which has high energy, falls on it. Hence, more energy is created. So, solar panels produce more electricity when it’s cool.

All in All:

Both steel carport & solar panels are long-lasting. They may have an initial high cost but pay off in the long run. The icing on the cake is both of them are sustainable choices. It amps up your property value.

Whether you are installing solar panels to power your carport or your outdoor area, you will be glad to know that it will save you tons of money. You can go through the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) website to learn more about the federal solar tax credit. Don’t forget to claim your benefit.