Global trends for low-code technology in 2020

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Isn’t it great to keep yourself updated with the latest technology to make your work easier and more convenient? In the booming technology, the low-code platform development for app development companies is being highly used with rapid-development tools.

Being the best among all the development programs, they are considered as the trend taking mobile app development that too towards a great success. These developments are not only excelling but even encouraging most of the other app companies to adopt them for their upcoming product. Though they are new in the field, still they are exciting the audience and gaining a huge popularity.

Unlike the old process where people used to follow all the required steps to create a well-functioning application, now all the concepts have changed and evolved from simple visual basic applications to high-powered building tools. To get the complete knowledge of the rapid development, we have curated a list of top open-source low-code platform that is dominating the coding world with their top-notch app development results.


Being one of the most astounding low-code development platforms, it is being mostly used for a variety of purposes including improving the customers experience, achieving the high-end operational excellence, and simplifying the global risk and compliance. It is combined with the exquisite, intelligent automation which helps in churning out the powerful business applications rapidly and more efficiently.

Microsoft PowerApps

Building the apps that are fast and having an appoint-and-click approach to app design is what this development offers.  Though it comprises many templates to choose from, but still if you wish to can start from a blank canvas. It makes it easy for the users to connect their apps to the database and use excel-like expressions to add the logic easily. Check it out here.


This low-code development is one of a kind. Being the most reliable for of all, it can efficiently build apps without coding and collaborates with the developers in real time. Perfectly developed with a visually developed tool, it offers you to re-use the components that ultimately speed up the app development process and increase its popularity.  From stunning user interfaces and UX inbuilt native mobile features to offline functionality it offers its users with everything they are looking for.


Are you ready to give your application a new look that can be easily integrated with the existing business systems? Apart from all the other apps, Outsystems allows you to add your own custom code whenever you need it. It is built and crafted with absolute attention to all the detail and design which help you in building and delivering apps that perform easier and faster.

Spring Boot 

Being one of the most well-managed open source low-code platform, it ensures creating production-grade and stand-alone applications which is highly used on JavaScript platforms. It is a user-friendly platform that deploys and runs smoothly as compared to the rest. Keeping the needs and requirements of its users, offering them a variety of features that professionally address them.

So, what are you waiting for my friend? Get your hand on these amazing low-code platform developments which will help you build the apps that will help keep in track with the rest.