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Global Cloud Team – a team of professional software engineers from around the world working for your company and bringing your projects to life. Global Cloud Team – Dedicated Outstaff IT Teams

Even a company consisting of only two or three people needs a lawyer, accountant, computer specialist and the services of many other specialists. Naturally, employing everyone makes no sense or there might not even be an opportunity, and this is when any company can use the help of professionals from an out-staffing company whenever it needs and save significantly.

Global Cloud Team is a well-developed company and focuses on technological solutions for its customers no matter where they are. It dynamically adapts to the needs of the market and most importantly to the needs and requirements of each and every client. Global Cloud Team significantly increased the volume of its work, its turnover and the number of completed projects since its inception. Here are just some advantages of working with us:

Save time – your employees can save time and use it much more effectively by focusing on solving problems related to the core business activities of the company and developing strategic plans for the development of the company.

Save money — US-based companies can cut costs by up to 40% on Research and Development resources without sacrificing the quality of the work and product by utilizing the Global Cloud Team. In our team, we have experienced and qualified specialists in multiple locations from Boston to the EU and Ukraine.

Scalability –the company’s management is able to expand its R&D resources without being distracted by solving the tasks associated with this process, such as finding, hiring and training technology specialists. If necessary, they can simply increase the amount of work performed by our team by requesting more members to the team. Alternatively, during periods of low activity and when such a need arises, the client can reduce the amount of work and expenses for the services of such specialists. In the case when employees are on staff, it is much more difficult to reduce or increase their number.

Advanced technology – the Global Cloud Team is composed of experienced professionals who use the most advanced and efficient working methods to solve the problems of their clients. They also have access to the most modern and advanced technologies that not many companies have in-house.

Our company carefully selects specialists who are well versed in the tasks they are entrusted, have specialized education and extensive professional experience. We are able to add only the best members to our team thanks to the ability to choose professional software engineers from around the world. Moreover, our employees constantly improve their qualifications for the performance of their duties and professional growth, thereby creating the best products for our customers.

Our software developers are proficient in the following areas: native iOS/Android apps, blockchain solutions, crypto wallets and exchanges, service platforms and web development, quality assurance and DevSecOps expertise. Engaging Global Cloud Team programmers and testers to work on your project will allow to completely forget about the need to search for appropriate specialists, and cooperation with a truly qualified team will eliminate the likelihood of any issues in the future.

Global Cloud Team has 280 technology professionals and each customer gets from 6 to 25 engineers for their team, depending on the task at hand. Global Cloud Team company truly cares about the satisfaction of our customers. We do not get satisfied once our short-term goals are reached and are constantly working to improve in every aspect.