How to Get Your Small Business Online


In today’s Digital Business world if your business is not online so that it can reach a wide range of customers then you are really missing out as a business owner. The internet has great potential for an entrepreneur to conceive and implement his/her business idea to reach a level where it can reach high-paying clients all over the world. With the internet, you do not need a storefront to sell your product or service. All you need is to implement a few hacks or techniques suggested by technical experts and your business will register its presence online; such that, whenever a prospective client is looking for a product or services that you offer, they can just type in a keyword relating to your product or services through Google, and then the prospective customers will land on your brand.

With the benefit of the internet, there are so many business owners out there that still find it difficult to bring their business to the online domain. If you are such a customer then we have written this article with you in mind. Aside from helping you reach a wide range of customers, the internet can help you offer targeted value to not only your customers but your employees and stakeholders in general. Therefore, an investment you make to ensure that your business has registered its presence online is a serious business that should be taken seriously. In essence, we will hold you by the hands and walk you through the process of getting your business online so that you can increase your lead generation efforts and also double yourself and bottom line all together.

Ways To Get Your Business Online

Five below some of the proven ways to get your business online in the shortest possible time.

#1. Get a domain name that represents who you are and what you do.

The first step to getting your business online is to get a domain name that represents what your business stands for and what you do. Getting a domain name is very simple if you know the right steps to take. Firstly, you need to choose a domain name that any other business has not used before now. To do this, you can use some paid services available online to check whether a domain name that you have in mind is available for use. Otherwise, if the domain name is not available, the system will not allow you to use that domain name to register your business online.

Once you are done getting a domain name, the next thing is to choose a web host provider so that you can register your domain name for you to be active online. When choosing a provider care should be taken to review the provider’s track record and customer service approach. You don’t want a provider that we find it difficult to resolve your pain point whenever you have a challenge. Additionally, ensure you check the customer review section of the provider so that you can see for real the comments that order or previous customers have made about the performance of the provider. Once you have done your homework very well and then settle for a provider, the next thing is to subscribe for a hosting package and IT support prices. A hosting package would not give you access to setting up a website and then establishing a website URL.

#2. Plan your website

The next step is to plan your website so that you can start selling your product or services online. Website planning is not for the faint-hearted because if you are faint hearted you will not be able to plan a website that we rank on Google and also attract the attention of your competitors. In this area if you do not have the skill of planning a website you can hire the services of a website planner so that the Professional can help you segment all your website division and also know where to upload or post relevant images and content that will attract your website visitors so that they can become your permanent fans and also continue to do business with your brand. And that leads us to the next step where you pick your website designer.

#3. Pick your designer

There are so many website designers on the internet as such if you are not an expert in this area you will get it drunk in your choice of a website designer. However, keep in mind that a professional website designer is a little bit expensive so you have to pay more to enjoy better value. There are so many platforms for you to hire a website designer, some of which include Fiverr, Upwork and Once you have found a reliable website designer and the designer delivers a top-notch job for you the next thing is to look for a content writer that will help you write content such that when your visitors scroll through your website they will be attracted to shop on your website and also become your loyal fans.

Thankfully, you can also hire website content writers on the platform we have already mentioned above. One more important piece of information is to ensure that the designer designs a website that is mobile phone compliant otherwise you will not make any tangible sales. Remember that today’s buyers really use a computer to access some of the business websites or available today. Today’s buyers access or make their buying decision using their smartphones or tablets and all of these devices are all hand held.

#4. Get your website found

Now you have a great website and top-notch content on it, but your website is yet to gain traction. What we mean by gaining traction is that your website is only visible to you and perhaps your friends and family members. So what should you do so that your website can be found online particularly when a prospective customer is looking to buy the same product or services that you offer? That is where the role of SEO comes in. SEO means search engine optimization. It is the process of putting measures in place so that your website can be found online when a prospective customer types in a keyword relating to your product or services.

Final Thoughts

Now you have a website and your website is not visible to potential customers online. The next step is for you to create your presence on different social media platforms. You can do that by opening at least a social Media account on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. You can also go as far as creating an account on LinkedIn because there are so many buyers on LinkedIn that may be interested in your product or services.