Gadgets to Make Your Motorhome Smarter and More Comfortable

Motor home in a green ground

Buying a motorhome is pretty exciting, but also stressful. There are so many different things to consider, such as what manufacturer to go with (speaking of which, check out this guide to find out more about Class A Motorhome manufacturers:, what style of motorhome you want to use and finally, how much it’s going to cost. When you’ve bought your motorhome, there is something else you will need to do: you’ll need to buy some new gadgets!

Naturally, you will only want to buy the best gadgets that will truly enhance your motorhome experience. If you’re looking for some ideas, you’ve come to the right place!  

Toaster Oven

You don’t need to give up on the luxury of your oven when you’re in your motorhome. Likewise, you also don’t need to solely rely on the power of your microwave for cooking. Instead, you can get a toaster oven! You can use one of these handy gadgets to create a wide range of different meals, both baked and toasted. You can have all of your favorite comfort foods even away from home.

Power Inverters 

If you need to charge your phone then a power inverter may be a good investment for your motorhome. You can plug one of these bad boys into your motorhome and you’ll get two USB ports that you can use to charge all of your most important devices. Of course, you can’t use it for things like straighteners and hairdryers! 

If you would prefer not to use the electricity though, you could instead get a folding solar charger. With the power of the sun, you can charge your gadgets! They don’t tend to weigh a lot, and they will help you to stay connected to the world even when you’re far from home.

Cell Signal Booster

What’s the biggest problem that people experience when they are out camping? That’s right – a lack of cell signal. If you can’t call anyone when you are out camping, then you need a solution. You can make things easier for yourself by investing in a cell booster. This will allow you to have more cell range when you are out in the wilderness.

Portable Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is a must have for an RV or motorhome, especially if you live in it throughout the year. Moisture can spell disaster for your RV, so you need a way to keep the air dry. It’s worth investing in a high quality dehumidifier in order to protect your entire motorhome so you can use it for years to come. 

Portable Fans

If you don’t have any AC, it can get hot really quickly inside of a motorhome. For this reason, it’s a good idea to invest in a little portable fan that you can use to keep you cool when it’s hot out. They don’t cost a fortune, and they will help you to be more comfortable when you are traveling the world.

Mobile WiFi

Want to stay connected away from home? Invest in a portable WiFi unit! This will help you to do all sorts of things from browsing through TikTok to ordering items on Amazon without having to use your own cell data. It’s great when you’re still struggling to get a signal when you’re out in the wild.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

It’s always better to be safe when you are traveling. That’s why you should invest in a carbon monoxide alarm if you don’t have one already. It will help you to know when you need to get out of your RV if there’s a gas leak and you don’t know about it.

Solar Ovens

Bet you didn’t know you could fire up a cooker using energy from the sun, huh? This eco-friendly cooking option is ideal if you want to cook outdoors. You can usually fold them down so you can store them without problems too.

Cube Extension Lead

If you need to plug your gadgets into your motorhome, then you’re going to need an extension lead. If you get a cube extension lead then you can save space while still being able to plug in a number of devices. Many options even come with USB ports that you can use for charging things like phones or cameras with ease.


Now your motorhome is ready to hit the road! All of these gadgets will help you to have an even better time while you are camping!