Future of Network Based E-commerce and Why One Should Join it?


I was very nervous and hopeless before I got this opportunity which I am going to share with you. I had a job which was paying me 28 thousand in a month which was not enough for me to say with my family thus I left my wife at home and I was staying in Delhi for survival. I am a digital marketing professional and was aware of how this e-commerce industry works but couldn’t dare to start my e-commerce business as I had no money actually needed to start this business.

But fortunately I met a dynamic Mr. Mahender Gera who introduced me to two e-commerce based business one is BluepayMax and another is Fargo Coin, a cryptocurrency. I started doing both the business and one of it proved very helpful for me.

I joined BluepayMax in Dec, 2017 and started working with it. Today I am making around 20 – 30 thousand in a week and around 1 Lakh in a month. I can scale this earning up to 3 Lakh as this is my own earning through my own efforts.

Now I am settled in Gurgaon with my wife and enjoying my life at fullest.

Now I tell you what is this business and how it works?

What is BluepayMax?
BluepayMax is an e-commerce (Digital Transactions) based referral program where you can make money from your expenditures through your debit, credit and fuel cards. The company offers a fixed payout direct in your bank account which can be upto 3 Lakh in a month. In simple words “Kharcho se Kamai”.

Why company offering this payout?
We all know that banks, Govt, wallets are offering good cashback on each transaction we do through their platforms but this is very limited. The same concept BluepayMax work on and offer you a commission on your referral network up to the level 10 in Binary.

What are cards?
The company has partnered with HDFC, Indian oil, and Bigbazar. You can use HDFC Visa card, Indian Oil Fuel card, and Bigbazar shopping vouchers.

How to work?
You can join this plan without spending a single penny. This plan is free to join. But to order these cards you have to pay initial shipping charges and minimum order value (Refundable and will be charged back in cards) which is very nominal and anyone can afford.

Why is this the future business of India?
Today Govt, Banks, and all agencies are promoting digital payments to evade the Black money and reduce currency printing cost. Bluepaymax is not giving any single penny from its pockets but only share a small share of their earning from commission their partner sharing with them. Member is not bound to buy any product or sell something to anyone. You only have to use these cards for your daily shopping that’s it.

If you can think big you can be financially free like me.

People from all across India are doing this business at very large scale. If you want to connect with me or want to know your plan I can arrange a meeting with a local member from your area. Call me on 8750022846 or whatsApp on the same number.

Karna kuch nahi hai gar apne aur apke network ke logo ne 100 logo ko bhi ye card diya aur unhone kewal apni gadi ka fuel hi isse bharwaya to bhi app achha khasa kama sakte ho.