From Runway to Smartphone: The Digital Revolution in Apparel Selection

A young woman is using her smartphone
Image Source: NZ Herald

Digital know-how matters in business today and even the fashion industry has seen major changes in how people look at clothing and accessories and purchase it. The global pandemic had an effect on every individual.

Digital and analytics capabilities have become an increasingly key sales channel, and those companies equipped to handle this fascinating revolution will be ahead of competitors. Consumer behavior has changed, and today, fashion shoppers are seeking convenience, the latest trends and more right from their fingertips.

Smartphones Keep You Fashion-Forward

That is why the best clothes shopping apps give consumers an excellent customer experience. It’s modern shopping at its finest, and you, the shopper, have the advantage. For instance, an app can showcase all of the newest trends in recent arrivals, promotions and special discounts. You get to see it all first.

Not only that, but an apparel app can make ordering and checkout super simple. You receive email notifications for order fulfillment and shipping and are given access to waitlist items, etc. You’re also getting a safe online payment experience. You can’t beat making a fashion purchase from the comfort of your home or any other location. It’s a delightful way to shop for fashion and see what’s runway-chic, all laid out for you and beautifully arranged.

An Incredible Global Reach Without Flight

Another important way the digital revolution enhances the shopping experience is through effortless global reach. In other words, you don’t have to hop on a plane and go abroad to check out a designer’s brand. Your smartphone makes “traveling” a virtual dream and online destination. Now, you can access a fashion brand’s mobile app to view its newest designs and products and then make a purchase right from your home.

Global reach makes fashion an even more amazing industry because shoppers can gain access to clothing from all around the world. You can learn about new designers and trends from outside of your normal shopping route. An app opens the apparel arena to a greater audience.

Turns into a Personalized Shopping Event

Today’s digital innovations make shopping for clothing from your smartphone a fun and useful concept. It leads to a personalized fashion experience, creating unique offers for loyal customers. Shoppers feel special when they receive discounts for using a fashion company’s app. Also, it’s no secret that the smartphone remains the most powerful technology of the last decade. The best kind of app is designed to be easy to use and explore for acquiring products with a few clicks.

Social media is often integrated into fashion apps, which can be more engaging to customers. Photo-sharing capabilities are one method of creating further buzz for a brand and its customers.

Using your smartphone to make apparel purchases also lets you avoid the crowds or the rush you often see inside retail stores. No one likes waiting in line; your smartphone lets you shop privately or feel like you’re the only person in the store.

Artificial Intelligence’s Role in Fashion

AI or artificial intelligence is also beginning to define its role in the world of fashion purchases. Currently, AI-enabled chatbots give shoppers personalized recommendations, styling advice and more.

Imagine how AI could enhance online customer experience through virtual try-on apps. Shoppers like having the advantage of trying on clothing without leaving the comfort of their home, for example. Customers worry about size and fit. They want to see how the outfit looks from every angle and how it would look with their shoes, accessories, etc.

The cool thing about using an AI component in a virtual try-on app is that the customer could receive an accurate 3-D representation of their body. It would make purchasing easier because the shopper wouldn’t have to try on clothing in brick-and-mortar retail stores. The shopper also wouldn’t have to risk ordering online items that didn’t work correctly.

Artificial intelligence could further transform the digital revolution shoppers are engaged with regarding fashion.

Shopping for fashion via smartphone is fun, especially when every awesome detail is at your fingertips. Click on it, and happy shopping!