6 Worst Foods That Digest Slowly


The digestive system is responsible for the breaking down of any food that comes into your body. If the food is not digested or takes time to digest, it may affect your system. Besides, the digestive system is also a paramount indicator of how healthy your system is. Your gut flora is responsible for the level of inflammation your body can handle as well as your immunity.

Some foods digest slowly when they are taken. Most of the low-glycemic foods take time to digest. This means they use more energy in the digestion process. 

While reading, you will learn about 6 foods that give your digestive system a tough time.

Fried and Fatty Foods

Fried and fatty foods don’t digest quickly. These foods are not broken down while passing through your intestines. Bloating, constipation and diarrhea may be the aftereffect. Fried foods digest slowly because of their low fiber content.

Dairy Products

Dairy products make the list of top worst foods that digest slowly. Milk doesn’t flow easily with your digestive system; the same is true for other milk products. These foods often have Lactose in them. 

When you consume a high quantity of dairy products, you may experience diarrhea, bloating, or gas. If you must take in any dairy products, be moderate.

Raw Vegetables

Yes, vegetables are good for your health. But how come they also made this list? Raw veggies digest slowly. To be on the safe side, consume them in moderation. They have fiber content. 

It also means that raw vegetables can give you several stomach problems – bloating, gas, and diarrhea included.

Processed Foods

For perfect health, nutritionists warned against overindulgence in processed foods. These foods lack fiber as well as nutritional values. 

Processed foods irritate your digestive system. Don’t let’s mention the lactose content in some of these foods, they can mess up your gut.

Artificial Sweeteners

You should be expecting this on the list. They are horrible substances for your stomach. Sorbitol as a sweetener is a threat to your digestive system. 

One sweetner that causes a lot of digestive issues is called the sorbitol. Usually, the sorbitol causes diarrhea, bloating, and gas. All kinds of artificial sweeteners can be deadly to your health, they increase inflammation. Now you guess right.

Acidic Foods

Acidic foods digest slowly when taken. Your tomato sauce is also acidic.

These foods disturb your gut area. They easily irritate your stomach lining.

Those carbonated beverages and colas may also make you bloat and cause gas. If you take in acidic foods, only take them in moderation for the sake of your digestive system. Acidic foods also cause stomach upset.


The health of your digestive system is important to your overall well-being. You may be eating healthy without paying close attention to how long it takes your foods to fully digest. Now you know what foods to limit. You can make the smart choice by eating some of these foods in moderation. Therefore, avoiding the food here is one of the ways to lose weight.