How Hard Is It to Fax from Office 365


Office 365 is a widely used and most efficient mode of corporate communication. It has deep embedded features that make corporate information exchange very easy and relevant. The ease of use and efficiency in conduct makes every corporate office root for Office 365. 

While office 365 is an important variant in communication pertaining to business, Fax messages have too retained their importance. The acceptability from compliance, legal and precognitive point of view makes faxing service extremely relevant

Despite the relevance of faxes, fax machines are a dated phenomenon. Therefore, a lot of newer and online ways of office 365 faxing have evolved overtime. When two reliable corporate communications like Office 365 and fax messages combine, the results are highly cohesive and reliable business communication systems. 

This is where Google Fax Free’s CocoFax comes into play. These virtual faxing systems like Google Fax Free have taken the corporate faxing world by storm. 

Google Fax Free Reliable Office 365 Solution: CocoFax

CocoFax is a virtual fax provider that streamlines sending and receiving faxes in a corporate set up. Without going through the pain of investing in a fax machine or fax modem, your business can enjoy all the benefits of corporate faxing. 

CocoFax is trusted by corporations and businesses worldwide because of its immense compatibility with all sorts of digital channels. Instead of bottlenecking business communications, it allows more room and flexibility of faxing channels. 

CocoFax acts as a common denominator between the digital mode of Office 365 and the analogue telephonic mode of fax machines. This online faxing service allows you to send and receive faxes through an online mode of communication.

Using CocoFax to send Faxes through Office 365

To be able to use Office 365 to send faxes, you need to be well equipped with the below mentioned details. You should have the following in place to ensure smooth sending and receiving of faxes through Office 365:

Internet Enabled Device

CocoFax offers its users flexibility to use a laptop, desktop or a smart phone with internet enablement. Further, the said device should also be compatible with Office 365 as it will be the very source of usage of CocoFax.

Office 365 Account

In addition to the device having compatibility with Office 365, you also need to have an account under Outlook 365. All corporates have a proper outlook email for different roles and the same can be use for establishing a connection with CocoFax,

CocoFax Account

Registration with CocoFax is imperative to use its virtual faxing services. This platform also offers a 30 day trial period. The trial period gives an essential insight into the usability of the platform and the adaptability to your systems.

Fax Number

You can obtain a fax number for free from CocoFax in a jiffy. Therefore, you do not have to undergo the hassles of applying for a fax number. 

Sending Fax from Office 365

When you have ticked off all the necessary prerequisites for using CocoFax, you can then initiate the simplest procedure of installing CocoFax as ‘add-on’ to your Office 365 account. This process can be explained in the below mentioned steps:

Adding CocoFax add-on to Office 365 Word

When you open the insert option in your Microsoft Word, you can click on the option stating ‘Office Add-ins’. After browsing through, you can choose CocoFax. When CocoFax is added, it will be inbuilt into your Word document.

Faxing a Word Document

You will now have the choice of faxing a word document. Whenever you intend to do that, you can open the document in a Microsoft Word file. You can see CocoFax appearing in the home ribbon. You can click on the ribbon and ‘continue’ if you intend to fax that document.

Entering the Recipient Details

 You can enter the recipient details stating the country code and fax number. Press ‘Continue’ again once you have entered the recipient details. After this, you can login to your CocoFax account by entering your vital credentials.

Sending the Document

You will be able to send your document after you have logged into your account and reconfirmed the action. Post the sending of the document, you will then attain a detailed log of the sending and receiving. 

Sending Fax through Office Outlook

Another reliable way of sending and receiving emails is through Microsoft outlook, the emailing vertical of Office. Outlook can be so efficiently used in sending out faxes, all you need to do is just add the suffix to the fax number.

Example, if the fax number is 045345, the email ID for the purpose of CocoFax would be You would further need to attach the intended document to the email.  Formats like .pdf, .docx, .doc, .xls, .xlsx, .png and .jpg are acceptable. 

As and when you hit send, the document will be sent over to the in the fax number. You will also attain a delivery notification or a failure notification on account of human errors or the fax machine turned off.

When you receive a fax on your fax number, it will appear in your inbox as a pdf file. There is no likelihood of you missing out on a fax that is received as you will receive an immediate alert on your email.


With platforms like Google Fax Free, online faxing is made so much easier and efficient. Without bothering about the hassles of a fax machine, its core features can be enjoyed through CocoFax. It has revolutionized business solutions for faxing and has streamlined processes as well. 

While even Office Outlook emails can fall prey to and get interrupted by firewalls, spam filters, using CocoFax is extremely safe and reliable. Office 365 faxing is made its convenient best by virtue of this web-based platform. 

Leakage of essential business communication occurs more often than acceptable. Using faxes more recurrently can ensure that no compromises are made on account of lack of secure modes. Online faxes are therefore the future of reliable and secure business communication.