Fantasy Sports Mobile App Features


Excited to know about your favorite game app features? Then I am here to share all the fantastic features of fantasy sports mobile applications. As you know that in our country everything is going digital and in the upcoming years approx 80 percent of people are going to adopt digital sources and platforms to enjoy the services. In today’s world of technology, the gaming industry is growing rapidly and gaining the love of fans and players. In this scenario, iGaming platforms like Fantasy sports, fantasy cricket, esports are becoming the first choice of the players.

Fantasy sports mobile applications are now in the trend and gaining huge popularity among sports enthusiasts. In 2020 due to COVID19, people are staying at home and playing online games on their mobile phones. The rate of downloading the application is increasing day by day and this industry is getting a new chunk in this period. Being the most popular game in the iGaming industry Fantasy sports app development services are in demand and people are thinking to start their online gaming business in this field.

Fantasy sports give the experience of real-life playing and allow users to earn money by offering various exciting rewards and bonus facilities. Fantasy sports leagues offer to sign up bonuses, cash prizes, referring bonuses, and so on. This new style of doing business is encouraging business owners to invest in this field.

Features of Fantasy Sports App:

Participant App Features:

User Registration:

This is the most important feature and most common feature in all the applications. It is a very necessary process just because at this stage the user introduces himself by login and signup process. If a user is new to the application then he needs to sign up and if he is an existing user then he has to log in. Here in this step, the user has to feed some necessary information like their user-ID, passwords, name, surname, contact info, username, etc. User-registration is the first process after downloading the application. 

Home Screen:

This is the other most important feature because after sign up users stumble upon the home screen where they get all the necessary information about the game. The home screen shows features like match schedule, timing, dates, match lifting, tournament and league name, and so on. Users will come to know about the games that are played across the globe. Upcoming matches and ongoing matches have been displayed on the mobile screen. You can filter all the functions and features as per your need. Now the home screen feature is becoming more popular and users are getting more convenience. Once the user gets familiar with this feature then they do not need to waste their time on learning, they can easily play the game.

Contest Page:

This section includes contest listings and details like type of contest, fees for entry, Winner count, winning range, contest name, and so on. Winner criteria have been decided by the admin and the candidate who earns more points will be the winner. Participants can check their performance and other performances as well by this feature.

Join Contest:

For jumping on this stage, users need to pay entry fees to join the contest. After paying entry fees, users cross eligibility criteria very easily.

Payment Mode:

Generally, the payment for contests can be done through online modes including debit card, credit card, Paytm, PhonePay, Google may, and Directly by NEFT and IMPS. In today’s world of digitalization, where everything is online so the process of payment is also online. Users can choose any of the modes for doing the payment. 

Create Own Contest:

By just a single tap on a mobile screen, one can create their own contest. For this, they have to submit all the details like contest name, winning amount, size of the contest, allow multiple teams, entry fees, join the contest and creators have to join the contest first and they can invite their friends and family members to play the game. 

My Contest:

Under this section, users can view all the joined contestants and can pick their favorite team members to create a team. They can filter match time, league participants, and dates before joining the contest. But all these things are managed by the owner.

My Profile on Dashboard:

This feature allows the users to set their profiles as per their needs. Under this, all the details regarding score, points, winning numbers, winners Transactions, transaction history, payment management, etc. included. You can refer your friends and family members to join the contest and can play with them. This feature includes your bank account details and other important information like name, email, and address. You can view your earnings, rewards, and cash prizes. 

Admin Panel Features:

Admin Login:

By entering their user ID and password, users can log in to their accounts. Admin can manage all the activities of application. He has to manage all the leagues, matches, and contests. Users will not be able to participate if they do not login by their mail ID and passwords. Admin login is a must for managing whole application events.


This is the dashboard screen where the admin can handle all the things. Admin can create a contest, he has to make a team of players so he will get all the data on the dashboard screen. The dashboard displays the data regarding statistical figures, total earnings, players’ names and details about upcoming, ongoing, and played matches and leagues..

User Management:

Admin gets full access to manage the users. He can edit, delete, activate, and deactivate their accounts. Admin is the owner so he can decide who can join and who can not.

Manage Games and Contests:

Admin can edit and manage all the games and contests. He can decide the timing and date of the match. He can add or remove the Tournament and can change the schedule of the game. He also decides the type of game to be added and the type of league to be added. He manages all the categories of games and leagues

Manage Earnings and Rewards:

Admin will be able to get all the details about rewards and payments. He can see the status of the growth of the website. As he can decide the number of entry fees and winning rewards so he can also keep track of all these things. Management of bonuses and cash prizes has also been done by users.

Report Manager:

This function helps the users to access all the important reports like players ranking reports, earning reports that can give very important information to admin. Admin has full access to all the activities that go on the application.

Additional Features:

Push Notifications:

This feature allows the users to get notified about the events. All the upcoming and ongoing event news has been notified by this feature.

Live match Score:

This is an inbuilt feature that you can notice in any fantasy sports and fantasy cricket app development service. They allow the users to watch a live score on the leaderboard so they can track the live performance of the team.

Real Time Analytics:

This new and trending feature allows the users to obtain the data in real-time. Through this feature, they can get all the important information on time. 

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We all have dozens of sources to earn money online but iGaming platforms can help to earn a huge amount of money by creating an online application. You just need to contact a reputed app development company and send them your proposal if they accept it then you can get a high-quality Fantasy sports application with extraordinary features. I know the selection of app development companies is not an easy task but by doing small research you can get the best and trustworthy app development company.