Facebook audience research: Who is a social media user and why does it join?

Facebook users research

If you have your own brand or product, you are probably thinking about promoting it on Facebook. Clearly, such an influential tool should not be neglected. But first, you need to analyze important data: how many users visit this platform monthly, what topics are popular here, is here your potential target audience (future customers).

Basic research related to Facebook audience can be found in the “How to conquer Facebook: Strategy, content, and targeted advertising” book. The main thing from this research will be considered in this article.

Every year, some analysts and leading agencies provide the significant statistics on the Facebook’s attractiveness for various business areas. But there are also industries that might be better off looking at other social media sites without wasting their efforts on Facebook. In order to draw specific conclusions: to whom and to what extent this online platform is suitable, the authors of abovementioned book have analyzed about 500 different companies over the past year.

The results showed that here, for example, it is difficult to promote children’s topics, FMCG and anything related to cooking or household. In this case, it is better to use Facebook as a platform for targeted advertising. Most of all, it will be useful in the development of the following areas:

  • В2В sector
  • Finance
  • Real estate
  • Advertising and media
  • Health
  • IT and other complex topics.

This indicates the specificity of the Facebook audience.

According to the study conducted by Brand Analytics, the audience of this social media platform in Russia is 2,209,000 monthly users. They generate approximately 64,670,000 messages every 30 days. All social networking sites are “maturing”, but this trend is the most visible on Facebook. Since 2019, the growth of its audience has been mainly due to users over the age of 45.

How many of them are your potential customers? Facebook Audience Insights, a free ads assessment tool, can help you find out. Knowing your target audience, you will get a specific number of Facebook users potentially interested in the promoted product.

Another valuable tool is the POSTOPLAN platform. This is a social media management service that significantly expands the possibilities of working with target audiences. The automated platform was launched in 2020 and combines all your channels of communication with customers into one system, allowing significantly speed up your business promotion.

Facebook definitely has a business purpose compared to other social media platforms. Users come to the site to:

1. Read feature articles;

2. Find interesting events;

3. Chat with the right people;

4. Create their own business image, etc.

When choosing Facebook to promote your own business, consider how relevant your product will be here. Indeed, despite this social networking site has a very modern and well-functioning advertising features, it is very specific and expensive.

In any case, the key factor is the number of potential buyers, as well as their interest in your area. This can be assessed using the tools that we talked about above, or by analyzing in general terms the pages of your competitors and non-profit communities posting the similar content.