Export Gmail Messages to EML File Via Using Gmail Backup Tool

Know How to Export Gmail Messages to EML in a Quick and Easy Way


Gmail is the most popular email service used by people these days. It is free and has got many features that attract users towards it. But sometimes there is a need to convert Google emails to different file formats. In this article we are discussing about conversion of Google messages into EML file extension that is a single message file. Besides Outlook Express there are many email service that use EML as file extension. For example, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Microsoft Entourage and IncrediMail. EML file is plain text file that a user can open with the help of notepad or text editor.

Let us understand the situation of converting Gmail message to EML with the help of queries:

Hi! I have been using Google services for quiet sometime. But recently I decided to convert my Gmail messages to EML for business purpose. I am really confused as to how should I do it. Is there have any solution to export Gmail messages to EML. Thanks.”

Hello! I want to convert my Google messages into EML, so that I can open it on any other email service. But I don’t know how to export Gmail messages to EML. Please could someone tell me the procedure as I have very important emails with me. Thanks in advance.”

Reasons to Export Gmail Messages to EML

There are certain reason why the user wants to Convert Gmail emails to EML file format.

  1. If the user is using Google to handle all the email tasks. For sure the user is able to access email stored in the mailbox for free. These days fear of mail hacking is with everyone. To overcome such issues it is important to create backup of important emails. So the conversion to EML helps in keeping the emails safe as it is accessible by many email clients. It keeps the email in a well defined manner without losing information. So this is also the reason the users wants to Migrate Gmail emails to EML file extention.
  2. The EML files are easily accessible by different email clients like Thunderbird, Apple Mail etc. The file has its own way of keeping the important emails. That is why users go for migrate Gmail messages to EML file format.
  3. When the internet connection is not there EML files can be accessed with different email clients. Further accessing Google email without internet is also a concern so the experts suggest exporting of Gmail messages to EML.

An Alternative Method to Export Gmail Messages to EML

An Alternate method to move Gmail messages to EML is Gmail Backup tool. The tool helps in backing up of email, contacts, calendars and documents from Gmail account. It helps in support of secure back up creation of single account. Using delete after download option it frees up server space. Further it gives option of Resume interrupted backup in order to save time. Internet bandwidth is managed for smooth and reliable back up. It supports backup of  Gmail to Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail etc. It is better to go for alternate method than any other method. In addition, a user can run this application on any version of Microsoft Windows OS.

Steps for the Functioning of Gmail Backup tool

The steps for the functioning of Gmail Backup tool are:

  • Download: Download Gmail Backup Tool
  • File Format: Select file format like Gmail backup to PST, EML, MSG and MBOX
  • Select: A selection has to be done for Gmail emails, contacts etc.
  • Backup: It results in successful backup of Gmail messages in desired file format.