Everything You Should Know About Skylight Frame


The physical frame on the shelf of the cupboard or the desk may get worn out after some time, but technology has grown by leaps and bounds. No need to keep physical frames when you can go digital. Yes, you heard that right! Digital frames, or as they are called skylight frame was difficult for people to understand when they were first introduced. But now it has made an amazing comeback with companies like Nixplay and Pixal launching in market skylight frames with amazing advanced features. So, here let’s give you guys a quick skylight frame reviews and discuss the hype around it.

What is so amazing about the skylight frame? 

What makes it popular about these frames and why the skylight frame reviews are all over the internet is the fact that it is simple to use. It has got a very simple set-up. All you have to do is to plug in the power adapter, and the battery will turn on by itself, and it will turn on running on android. You can also connect it to Wi-Fi and input a code to lock and unlock the frame. 

How to connect skylight with WIFI? 

If the skylight frame is plugged in, you will see the WI-FI option available on the screen. Choose the network from the list of available Wi-Fi options; you will find it on the right side of the screen. You will get a confirmation message when the Wi-Fi network is connected to the skylight frame.

  • If you do not find the name of your network, wait for 30 seconds and then rescan all the networks.
  • If the Wi-Fi demands the password, type the password using the on-screen. Also, make sure that the password is typed correctly.

Features of skylight

Here are some of the additional features of skylight that you will find in the setting options:

  • Delete the photo
  • Pause the photo
  • View all the photos at once and navigate to your favorite one directly
  • Reset the Wi-Fi.
  • If you have forgotten the email id, use the option “How it works” to check the email address.
  • Change the speed of the slideshow
  • Show the pictures in chronological order or shuffle them.

Benefits of the skylight frame 

The purpose of the skylight frame is very simple. It is just an electronic photo album. The physical big fat photo album becomes old and worn out with time. The pictures fade out and get blurry. On the other hand, with the digital frame, you will not face any similar issue. The skylight frame is a thin tablet-like digital frame in which the collection of pictures keeps rotating in chronological order or shuffle as per your interest. They never look old and worn out. Not to forget that it also looks very stylish. A tech-savvy person will agree more with me.

How to send photos to the skylight?

You can use email to send photos to the skylight. Follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Open the email application that you use, like Gmail or yahoo.
  • Step 2: Attach the pictures that you want to send.
  • Step 3: Send the composed email to the registered email address on the skylight

Within 60 seconds, the pictures will appear on the screen of the skylight.


If some of the photos are not arriving in skylight, here is what to do:

  • Check that you are sending it to the registered email address with skylight.
  • Make sure you are sending it to @ourskylight.com; most of people mistake it with @skylight.com
  • Make sure to attach the photos and not send the link.
  • Try to reset your frame.
  • There may be a network issue; move the router closer to the frame.


So, this is the skylight frame reviews. I hope now you have a better understanding of the frame and how it functions. What are you waiting for? Get one today!