Er. Ankit Dhadwal founder of Mount Woods Studio turning the tables in IT industry


Ankit Dhadwal small town boy from Himachal who is changing the current scenario in the IT industry and setting an example to those who wants to start their own business.

Ankit Dhadwal the founder of Mount Woods Studio is providing IT services and aims to fulfill the needs of those clients who are having custom requirements. In this Pankaj Tilara who is the co-founder of the company has joined hands and they both are making the perfect duo.

Mount Woods Studio Pvt. Ltd. is providing digital solutions globally where they specialise in Web Development and App Development, UI/UX Design, Graphic Designing, 2D & 3D Animation, Product Photography, Video Production and Digital Marketing.

How the Journey Started

I was inclined more towards starting my own business at some point in life and entrepreneurship was always there in my blood as my Nani ji used to sell Shawls all over Himachal and I have seen my mother too working day and night establishing her business as a retailer.

My father is a retired govt. employee but it was not at all fascinating me. From my mother’s side, all of them are running a successful business and from my father’s side, all the elders are reputed govt. Officers

From my childhood there was something different that I wanted to do. I was an average student in my school and all i want to do is enjoy, play all day and do a little study. I used to get pocket money but i wanted some more and for that i used to color stones and sell them in my class. Also, I was good at drawing, so I sold one drawing at 5 rupees which was a very good deal at that time.

Also, I belonged to a middle class family and I was clear that I want to become an Engineer so so that I can change the current scenario of my life. So after my 10th Class, I got admission in Lovely Professional University in 2009 and the exposure that I got was so good. Everything was very nice. A Small school student landed in such a big university where there was so much diversity, people from all over india and overseas were studying together. I was getting different exposure which I don’t think I would have got while pursuing my 11th and 12th Class. Moreover, the title of Junior Engineer was a cherry on the cake.

Over there, I learnt about many things and was introduced to Blogging in 2010. Till then my Interest in building websites was also increased and from Blogging I can also earn. So the basic of digital marketing was cleared at that time and it was fun learning it.

I have always thought of running my own business at a large scale but after gaining some experience. After completing my graduation from Rayat Bahra University, Chandigarh in 2015. I applied for many jobs and got selected in one company as a Software Engineer but after 4 months I have to leave that job because of corporate politics which I still don’t like. So I started again searching for a job in chandigarh, Delhi and Gurgaon. I used to travel at night, reach there early in the morning and then go for the interview. I don’t know what was wrong but I never got a proper job. All my interviews went well but never got a call. Then on my parent’s suggestions, I started preparing for Banking Jobs which I never liked but there was no harm in it only knowledge was to be gained and it helped me in becoming more confident while giving written exams for the interview.

I still don’t understand the concept of aptitude tests. I have done my diploma in CSE from Lovely Professional University and then did my graduation. I spent my college life studying Technology, how systems are developed, learned how to code and then suddenly all the Companies were having aptitude tests to select students.

Getting rejected again and again was terrifying. I still remember when I couldn’t sleep properly and my behavior also started changing. Aggression, bad attitude and getting irritated from small things. So I started Kudo which helped me a lot, also they were looking for someone who can develop their official website. So they asked me and I got my first official payment of INR 20,000/- and then after a few days one more website came in for which i charged INR 35,000/-. I was so happy that if i can do this, then I can do anything so I started my own business and started my journey as an entrepreneur. Then I started searching for a good brand name to start and after brainstorming for 2 weeks I came up with a name NETFLUX. So on 20th Jan 2017 I booked my domain as and hosting for INR 2500/-

I met Pankaj Tilara when I got stuck with a project. My friend Gaurav Pundir who handles all the designing part referred him to me. We worked on multiple projects together and he is awesome and is now our Co-Founder and COO of the Company when. Now he handles all the major development part of the company.

He’s a gold medalist and a very good programmer, but due to his weak English, most of the MNCs rejected him. The Company HR didn’t see how talented he is and I’m glad that they rejected him. Otherwise, a gem like him wouldn’t become my partner.

Now we both are running a successful company. Time changes everything no matter what the situation is Never give up.

How Mount Woods Studio was born?

The reason we got our name changed is because people pronounced it NETFLIX which we all know what it is today but when i kept the name it wasn’t so popular. It was not being searched on search engine and there was a lot of confusion going on. It affected my google rankings and it was not even searched. So I sat down with my friends and team members to rebrand ourselves.

While searching and brainstorming we all were sure of the fact that name should be related to the mountains from where we belong. So the hard part to select the name started and side by side we were checking that the name that should be unique and can never be  used anywhere be found or used by anyone else in the world. It should be easily pronounced, catchy and small. The concept was to create Simple yet attractive name. We searched many satellite names, galaxies and while searching we got mountains and woods. So we combined them and we got Mound Woods. As we are specialized in website, graphics, animation, video and product photography, mainly the creative part, Studio fits the best and we never considered any other option than this.So that’s how we got Mount Woods Studio as our new name for the Company and Tagline Connecting with Roots.

Future Plans

We want to spread our reach to other sectors out there and for that we will be starting our new  clothing brand known as Mount Clad which will be out there in the near future. We want to expand ourselves to different regions of the world.

Final Words For Those Who are Chasing The Startup Dream

First of all if you are thinking of taking a step then you must take it, don’t be afraid of anything. The least that can happen to you is that you will fail which doesn’t matter it will only help you learn things that went wrong. The Kind of experience and person you will become will be totally different and you’ll be astonished to see the change in yourself. The way you see the world will be different. So keep grinding and chase your dreams till they became reality.