Emerging Trends in Window Film Technology

Building glass

In recent years, we’ve seen more innovation and technology being incorporated in every sector.  In the window film industry, technology has been successfully incorporated to increase functionality and durability. 

Window film is essential not only for automotives but also in buildings. 

If you are looking to install new film on your home and car, or perhaps replace the old one, you should take some time to read this article and get to know some of the emerging trends in the window film industry and how you can take advantage of the new developments.

Here is what’s happening in the window film technology

Benefits of new technology in window films 

The main aim of innovation and technological advancements in window film is to give windows multiple functions. Here is what you should expect from the trends.

  1. Increased security and privacy
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The new trends come with distinct features to make you feel safer and secure while enjoying your drive on the streets, or perhaps chilling inside your house.

Some films block vision from the outside but allow you to see from the inside.  This makes it difficult for passers-by or intruders to peep in.

  1. Hands-free

Some of the inventions have made it possible for windows to be transformed depending on your needs and purpose. But the best part is that everything is automatic. You don’t need a switch or remote control to transform your window.

  1. Responsive to different conditions

Some of the window films have been designed to change depending on the surrounding environmental conditions.

For instance, photochromic window tint darkens when exposed to sunlight and turns clear during the night. This increases your visibility, especially when you are driving at night. 

During the day, it provides a shade, protecting the interior of your house or vehicle from damage. It also protects your skin from being damaged by harmful ultraviolet rays.

  1. Increased luxury

The trends in window film technology have redefined the meaning of luxury. 

Most of the tints like architectural ceramic window films have been designed to make your building or vehicle cool and comfortable.

It is now possible to connect your windows with a computer either in your house or vehicle. The film turns your window into a projector that you can use to watch your favorite shows.

Primarily, all films have been designed to reduce glare hence you won’t have to strain your eyes or keep moving from one point to another searching for comfort.

  1. Energy saving

It is the work of your air conditioner to control the temperatures inside your room. If there is too much heat, the system has to cool off the air and if there is too much cold in the house, the system brings in some warmth. 

However, all these processes use energy which translates to high electricity bills.

The new technology in window films blocks excess heat from coming into your home hence less energy consumption.

We won’t be surprised to see some window films converting sunlight into usable energy in the near future!

What are some of the trends in window film technology?

  1. Photochromic window film

Photochromic window film is among the most advanced window films ever manufactured. What distinguishes it from others is its dynamic feature – the film keeps changing depending on the environment.

For instance, during the day when there’s sunlight, the film renders a dark shade that protects you from the harmful ultraviolet rays. 

The glass with the tint darkens due to the photochromic chemical reaction that takes place in the film. Interestingly, the film turns crystal clear at night – as if there is no tint on your windows. 

The film reacts automatically with light without the need for electrical or mechanical use, making it an easy to manage option.

Photochromic window film can be applied to building windows, automotive, and even on spectacles.

  1. Intelligent glass control

This type of window film technology is designed for luxury.  

The special films are installed in windows and they change transparency depending on the voltage level being applied. Intelligent glass controls connect windows with available computers increasing the functionality of your windows.

With the switchable smart film, you can easily transform acrylic screens, existing glass windows, partitions, plexiglass, and any other transparent surface for safety and security purposes.

The film is made with a self-adhesive static cling layer and it should be applied on a clean and well-prepared window. The film is available in multiple colors like gray, blue, and milky white. The opacity or transparency of the intelligent glass can be adjusted instantly – within milliseconds.

The switchable film can be used for indoor decorations, commercial advertisements, in offices, and even on vehicle windows. The film can be used as a projection screen and at times the images are visible from both sides.

Hospitals are slowly adapting to this window film technology, replacing curtains previously used for privacy uses as there is no dust or noise involved. 


As technology advances, we are likely to see more innovations and inventions in the window film industry. The benefits of these technological advancements are myriad and include increased functionality, safety and privacy.