Effective SEO Strategies that Boost Organic Traffic

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Image source: SEJ

These days, all types of businesses are run online – from companies that sell apparel and groceries to those that provide legal and healthcare services. But with the online marketplace expanding, the competition among businesses to reach the top spot is getting fiercer. In line with this, the need to market one’s business is increasing as well.

One such place that is a booming economic hub is Vermont. You should employ professional Vermont SEO services if you wish to increase your website traffic organically.

Vermont is a business-friendly state that provides benefits such as tax credits, loans, and ThinkVermont Innovation Grant Program, among others. In recent times, it has witnessed $12.3 billion in economic growth fuelled mainly by small and medium enterprises.

With such impressive statistics, it is unsurprising that more people are registering businesses in Vermont. Following are some excellent SEO strategies experts use to help expand your business here by ranking it organically.

#1 Get rid of everything that is slowing down your website

A slow-loading website can have disastrous consequences for your business. It could cost you potential customers, as users have little patience to hang around while the site loads at a snail’s pace. To avoid this, one of the first things an SEO expert does is remove everything that affects your website speed. For instance, WordPress sites can deactivate unnecessary plugins.

#2 Improve existing content

It is a misconception that you need to replace all content on your website to rank it. While many drafts aren’t great, SEO experts can make them better by effective editing. You can add or remove written data depending on the topic and your target keywords. This will help search engines to understand your content better and rank it.

#3 Email top sites and ask them to link back to you

One of the topmost SEO strategies is to build strong backlinks. To achieve this, Vermont SEO professionals will email trustworthy websites and convince them to link back to you. An effective, uncomplicated way to do this is by showing them a blog post on your website that promotes their brand. This improves your credibility among customers.

#4 Monitor competitor backlinks

Sometimes, a website does not rank for the targeted keyword because its competitor has stronger backlinks. A highly effective SEO strategy involves keeping tabs on the quality of backlinks your competitors are using. The expert then studies the competitor backlinks to determine if your website is more deserving of them.

#5 Build social presence

It is a mistake to believe that social media presence does not feature in marketing plans. Good SEO companies are aware that factors such as tweets, likes, and share buttons go a long way in boosting website traffic. A clever strategy is to have these share pins on all your website posts to share them easily. Also, SEO experts will sometimes ask influencers to share your posts with a broader audience.

Final thoughts

There is no doubt that a strong SEO marketing plan will enable your Vermont business to grow rapidly. But while these SEO strategies may sound simple enough to execute by oneself, hiring an expert to take over is wiser. They have incredible skills and updated know-how of the best ways to boost organic traffic to your website.