5 Profitable E-commerce Business Ideas for 2020

E commerce illustration

The new year brings with it new opportunities for people who want to dabble into a business. With e-commerce platforms and services for start-ups, there’s no time like the present to launch your own online business.

According to a study by Oberlo, around 1.8 billion people around the world buy their stuff online. This constitutes 63 percent of shopping occasions worldwide. It’s safe to say that the e-commerce industry is thriving.

However, not all online businesses succeed on their first try; some don’t even survive their first few months. Others don’t see the light of day at all. Among many other factors, choosing the right business niche plays a major role in an e-commerce website’s success.

Of course, succeeding in the saturated online market also means making your business stand out from the rest. Retailers use different strategies to do this, including building their social media presence, using well-designed custom boxes and packaging, and investing effective marketing campaigns.

If you’re planning to establish your e-commerce business this year, consider these business ideas to increase your chance of success.

Eco-Friendly Products

This 2020, single-use plastics and nonsustainable items are out while eco-friendly essentials are in. With increasing concerns over climate change and other environmental issues, consumers are becoming more conscious of the products they buy. Environmental protection organizations and advocates are taking the forefront and encouraging people to make sustainable decisions when shopping.

This has given rise to eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products, like toothbrushes, utensils, and shopping bags. More and more modern-day consumers have realized the impact of plastic trash on the planet, hence the massive shift to sustainable goods.

If you’re an environmental advocate yourself, starting your own eco-friendly online business should give you a platform to raise awareness for your cause and encourage people to make the change.

Niche Fashion

Fast fashion may not be as fast-growing as it was before, but there’s no arguing that the apparel industry remains strong. Simply put, people need clothes and will always want to buy new clothes and other fashion items.

As such, there’s no lack of consumers for a fashion business. In the past few years, the industry has seen a rise in niche-fashion businesses that meet the needs of specific demographics overlooked by big commercial retailers. There are also independent fashion businesses that promote inclusivity in the range of their products, something that many major companies have failed to do.

Fashion may be a continually growing industry, but choosing the right niche within the industry is vital to achieving business success.

Online Courses and Coaching

Online education illustration

Education is expensive. That’s why many people are looking for more affordable ways to further their educational backgrounds and obtain new knowledge and skills. And this has given rise to the online course and coaching industry.

If you’re a master of a certain craft, making your own online courses and offering coaching services can prove to be a lucrative business. Plus, creating webinars and online courses doesn’t require a huge up-front investment. All you need are your expertise and a platform where you can create and sell your “products.”

Phone Cases

Surprisingly enough, the industry for phone cases and mobile accessories has seen a lot of growth in recent years, and it’s estimated to be worth $121.72 billion by 2025. Perhaps it isn’t so surprising at all, considering this niche caters to several demographics (anyone who owns a phone, basically).

There are already many competitors in the niche, but the market is massive, and new businesses can still get a slice of the pie.

Organic Skin Care

In general, consumers have become smarter about the products they consume. That’s why, in the past few years, organic goods are also on the rise. There are tons of organic products in the market: organic produce, organic livestock, organic treats, organic snacks, and even organic pet food and treats. The skin-care industry was also not spared from the organic trend.

Now that the public has easy access to more information and research, people are becoming more conscious about what they consume and put on their bodies.

Organic skincare does not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and artificial agents in their production, making them safer for use and consumption. Right now, organic moisturizes, serums, facial cleansers, body lotions, and sunscreen are hugely popular in the market.

Get Started Now

Despite the many tools that make it easier and more affordable, launching a business is not a walk in the park. It requires huge investments of your time, energy, and money, and there’s no 100 percent guarantee that it will succeed. It’s a risk but one that’s worth taking. Many have tried and failed, but plenty has also achieved their goals. The only way to know for sure if you’re going to follow in the footsteps of the latter is to get started now.