Does your business need a vanity phone number?


Before we even understand the need to get a vanity phone number. It is extremely important to learn a little bit more about what, how and when- of vanity phone numbers. Let’s understand-

What is the vanity phone number?

A vanity phone number can be a local or a toll-free number that is used by businesses mostly for marketing purposes. Vanity number includes the brand name in the number sequence which makes it easy to remember for the audience. For example, if you have garages and you want a vanity number. Your number would look something like this- 1-800-GARAGES.

This is nothing but the alphanumeric numbers present on the keypad. In short, you don’t have to remember the entire number just have to remember the word and dial number in alphabetic sequence from the touch-tone phone or mobile keypad.

How easily can you find the vanity numbers?

Vanity numbers are generally not easy to find as most of the carriers won’t have access to these numbers or they may have to pay a hefty fee to procure it for you. Therefore, you must look for numbers that are easily available. Before you even start looking for numbers you should first decide on the alphabetic sequence of 7 characters which will make the process easier.

Where can you find vanity phone numbers?

Vanity phone numbers are typically available with VoIP phone providers. That is because they deal with virtual phone numbers. They provide you the large pool of the numbers to select from. There are even giant telecom providers or local carriers that may offer you such numbers. In any case, you have multiple options. Our recommendation will be always to get a virtual phone number as it provides you the capability to modify the functionality and add telephony features.

Does vanity numbers really help?

Yes, when you have additional cash, you should always try to find the vanity number. This boosts your brand value and helps customers to easily remember the phone number. Sometimes, a virtual phone system for small businesses is sufficient enough for small businesses combined with a toll-free or local number. At the same time, vanity numbers are easily recognizable and mostly used if you want to receive more customer requests or orders via incoming calls.

How do vanity phone numbers work a growth catalyst in your company?

First of all, the vanity phone number is easy to remember. Secondly, in the recent study, it is noted that 90% of the consumers prefer to dial a toll-free number rather than a local phone number which is complicated. Though the calls are free with every telecom provider this gut feeling comes from the past where consumer thinking was ‘tollfree=free calls’.

If you do a lot of advertisements such as online ads, hoardings, billboards, etc. A vanity number is a must for you. Chances for your consumers to call back increases by 30% in comparison to any other type of number. If the vanity number is combined with the toll-free number, it is a fire-fuel combination.

With the increase in competition, now, many businesses have adopted the vanity phone numbers. Earlier, it was very limited to large companies such as dominos, Walmart, etc. About 10 years ago, it was a tough task to get a vanity phone number for businesses but thanks to the growing telecom industry and cut-throat competition. It has become very simple and even in just 3 minutes, you can get a nice vanity number for the business.


Getting the right phone service provider and number can be minutest of the details that any business wants to focus on. However, they truly act as an organic catalyst in the company’s growth. That is why there are experts and consultants whose job is just to make sure that the company gets the right phone solution for the business. With an increase in internet marketing, vanity numbers have become very popular than ever before.