Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in 2021

Digital marketing trends to watch in 2021

Digital marketing is a key step to ensure that the content reaches its targeted audience. In the last few decades, digital marketing has evolved from writing a blog to various trends and practices. 

Compared to other forms of marketing, digital marketing tends to be more affordable and easy to access. Digital marketing should also be interactive to create a personal connection to the marketed product.

The correct guidance towards digital marketing helps widen your audience and reach your marketing goals. 

1. Going With the Short Video Trend

 The days of long and wordy posts on Facebook and Twitter are long gone. 

The Tiktok and Instagram reels have proven to make an immediate impact and create an online frenzy that draws crazy attention. Consumers prefer these short videos since it is attractive, straight to the point, and fun to watch rather than other marketing posts. This trend even transfers to YouTube. Nowadays adding content to ‘YouTube Shorts’ is a great ways to get YouTube views and engagement from your followers. 

The ready-made audience and straightforward creation tools help to identify the current trend and use that to promote our content. These platforms provide an ecosystem through which the content can be shared between them. Such content created on Instagram can be posted on Facebook to increase the chance of getting more exposure and customers. 

2. Create Stories and Content on Social Media

The main success of social media is that anyone can tell their story or view towards something.

Having a strong presence in social media is a priority in the digital era. These social media posts, campaigns, and contents have more reach than any form of marketing medium.

Having a dedicated social media handle also makes the user experience more friendly and personalized. As a brand, it helps to reach out to your customers and have an influence on them.

Identifying a suitable social media marketing platform is always important. Social media platforms such as Facebook have been used by 94% of social media marketing experts.

3. Influencers are the Key

Social media influencers are users who have a big presence on the platform with thousands or even millions of followers. 

These influencers act as a mediator between your company and your targeted audience. People feel personally connected to these individuals. Advertisement feels natural and well incorporated with the sentence rather than being forced or artificial.

These users tend to have a loyal audience to whom promoting the products would ensure more reach. We need to contact these influencers and give them a quality user experience and convince them to share these with their target followers. 

Often having expertise in understanding your audience and planning towards attracting them is the key to ensure a successful marketing campaign.

In most cases, this process tends to be expensive and will require a lot of attention so hiring a professional proves to be effective. For example, a Milwaukee marketing agency offers a variety of services that work best for your business.

4. Virtual Events

Virtual events have been on the rise during this pandemic situation. It is a practice of hosting live or on-demand video content through various mediums.

Since these events are virtually held, anyone from anywhere can access and that’s a major advantage. Musical concerts, sporting events, and movies have shifted to online platforms as virtual events. 

These platforms help to create personalized experiences by using interactive content such as Q&As, live polls, and group chats. These events pose a great opportunity for promotions and marketing. 

Identifying the suitable event for promotion can lead up to a great increase in user traffic towards your product.

Digital experiences will be the future of marketing as it is cost-effective and easy to reach out to a large audience.

5. Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is a type of marketing that involves paying up for ads to get your website or product listed in search engines.

Even though it is not an organic way of marketing it proves to be effective in promoting and increasing customers. These non-organic methods tend to be expensive but offer immediate results.

Free methods such as SEO are also a part of search engine marketing. Identifying keywords to use is the basis of SEO for marketing. 

One easy way to identify suitable keywords is to use various online tools such as WordStream’s free keyword tool.

6. Visual Content

The impact of visual content is far more superior to any form of content. 

This is because, most of the time, the customer needs a general idea about the product or service so visual content such as video provides that. 

For most people, it is way easier to watch a how-to video rather than going through a big article or instructions.

Creating videos on top social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook is an effective way of promotion. It is easy to understand and helps us to share it across many platforms. 

Anyone can watch and create a video makes it easier to access and that creates a wide range of users who are potential customers. 

Visual content tends to have a personal touch that cannot be achieved in other forms of marketing.

7. Content on the Go

The rapid development of mobile phones has made them a mainstream device. Many customers use this as a tool for day-to-day activities.

The necessity of using technology on the go is the biggest factor in its development. Since the number of mobile users increases at a rapid rate, having a mobile version of an app or website helps a business massively. You can reach out to consumers across all devices connected to the Internet. 

It prioritizes user experience which likely makes customers stay engaged with the content. These devices have also provided companies with an opportunity to gather data from their users and push relevant content. 

8. Podcast Marketing

Podcast has been the recent addition to the ever-expanding trends of social media. 

Its wide popularity is due to the fact that it’s easy to listen anywhere, anytime. Podcasts generally have a community or a set of fan followers. Thus, it’s a good way for brands to reach their audience at their preferred times.

Podcasts keep customers engaged with the content since it’s like radio but online and will offer a range of different topics that give various options to choose from.


Just like any other year, digital marketing will have its rapid growth and impact on marketing.  Use these digital marketing trends to understand what your customers are interested in. So that it helps to boost traffic and keep you ahead of your competitors.