Defining Web Analytics: Does It Help Your Business?


You may have heard about web analytics. The question is – Do you understand what it really means? In Layman language, it basically means collection and analysis of raw data. It tells you what is happening on your website.

When you visit X website, the owner gets to know the exact count of visitors and whether the traffic was organic or a reference. That’s not all! Web analytics also tells you where the visitors are from and how much time they are spending on a particular page.

Your mind is thinking the following things –

How does it help my business?

Why should I be interested in this data?

The fact is that you can learn a lot about the visitors through this raw data. Interested to know what it means and does for your business? Keep reading to find the web analytics benefits and what it really means.

What is Web Analytics?

Web analytics is a tool that allows the website owner to collect the data. It gives you a clear picture of the age group, location, bounce rate, traffic and even the time spent on a particular page. For example, an article on your website is quite interesting and you post it on social media. The people click on the link and spend 3 minutes to read the entire post.

Did they lose interest and stopped reading? How much time did they spend on your website? You could find that out through the web analytics tool. It is quite helpful in the sense that you get to understand the visitor behaviour.

There is a of user data to collect and it gives you a clear idea about how visitors are interacting with the website. Is there a fall in traffic in recent days? If yes, you can simply check it through web analytics.

Does it help your business?

The insights can be quite motivating! If you are not getting enough traffic, it is a sign that you need to work harder to produce better content for the visitors. In case the visitors are liking a particular content on your website, you would know that they like these types of articles. Once you know their liking, you will be able to create a similar type of content for the visitors.

Your website is NOTHING without the visitors! If you want commercial success, the website needs to be spot-on! Get your A-game on and use the web analytics tool to understand the behaviour of the visitors.

Lastly, the analytics tool tells you about the bounce rate. If it is high, you will know that this is something you need to work on.

Takeaway Advice

In a nutshell, business owners should opt for web analytics services or hire an expert to do the needful. If you are selling products on the website, it will be helpful to see the exact number of visitors and how much time they are spending on a particular page. You can collect the data and create a positive environment for the visitors.

This is possible through web analytics and one must take the data seriously.