When is it time to consider a dedicated software developers option for your business?


Having a dedicated team of software developers is excellent. You might be at the stage of considering this for your enterprise. But is it the right choice for you? How can you tell that?

And when you decide, then how to choose the best model that will work for your company-specific needs? 

This article will be helpful if you are yet at the stage of evaluating the needs of such a team of dedicated software developers. It also will benefit you to choose a model that is the most beneficial for you. 

Is hiring a dedicated dev team the best option in your case?

There are numerous individual cases in the business world. But let’s see two of them.

Imagine a company that is just launching – a startup. Or an established company that needs to implement an app or a digital service. Sometimes the budget and the internal resources for an in-house development team are scarce. They cannot afford it. 

Then, there is an established company that wants to expand its operations. However, due to insufficient local IT talents, forming a full-fledged top-rated software developer team in their area is challenging. Should they shrink their vision only due to these geographical limitations?

Both scenarios show that a dedicated software team can benefit greatly from each of the companies mentioned in these examples. If you can identify with one of the two, it is about time you get your dedicated team of IT developers. 

What process to use to estimate if you need a dedicated software development team?

  • Evaluate the company`s needs – what is the process, product, or service you need such a team for? Can you handle this need internally, or do you need to go into finding an external team for this? Is this decision aligned with the company`s long-term goals, vision, and mission? Will it add value to the organization?
  • What are the budget and resources – what amount of funds can you allocate to this team? What will it cost if you hire an in-house team versus a dedicated external team? Will this save money in the long run and be considered a good investment, or is it something that will not bring you returns in the future, but you want to do it just because many of your competitors are doing it?

When you are clear on these questions, you can decide whether or not the time is ripe for you to have a dedicated dev team.

What models can you use in hiring your dedicated team of software devs?

Offshoring and Outsourcing are your best options. There are some differences between them. Let’s examine them shortly. 

Outsourcing helps you find a dedicated team that is chiefly located in your country. The price is a bit higher, but it is an excellent option for a short-term one-off project. This model is quite convenient as you get a provider nearby, and you can get the job quickly. But if you are looking for a long-term solution, you may need to look into Offshoring. 

Offshoring is fantastic if you want to tap into the unlimited global possibilities. With Offshoring, you can hire a dedicated team that is on the other side of the globe but still is aligned with your company culture and values. 

For both models, you can rely on the knowledge and experience of an agency company that can guide you in the process. 

How to choose the best business partner in the process?

As a first step, you must do thorough research on the market. You need to have several options of trustworthy companies. 

Collecting feedback, comments, and details about policies and internal processes will help you evaluate whether or not your potential partners are experts in their field.

Then maybe you need to make a test contract to do a small project. Then you can have a real-life experience of dealing with the agency company and the team, and if there is alignment. 

From your information, research, and experience, you can make a sound decision about whether or not you can make a longer-term contract.