CXO needs Smart Strategies to deal with security threats

• A CXO round table hosted by iValue and CA Technologies discusses ways to harness the power of Digital Identity & Access management
• The roundtable recorded presence of 10+ C-suite executives from various verticals, namely, manufacturing, healthcare, information technology, telecommunications and financial services

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Globally, embracing digital is taking centre stage. India is no different where disruption is the norm and established brands are renewing themselves by putting digital first. CA Technologies and iValue InfoSolutions, a leader in “Digital Assets” Protection, Optimization & Transformation area, had conducted a roundtable discussion to help C-level executives, understand the power of digital identity and access management.

CTOs, CIOs and CXOs representing industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, information technology along with telecommunications and financial services were a part of the roundtable conference.

The focus of the discussion revolved around building exceptional digital relationships with consumers resulting from urgent demand for scalability, ease-of use and a consistent, secure experience. The discussions led to the importance of a comprehensive solution that places the demands of digital consumer identities at the core of the business.

Kick-starting the session, Mr Subodh Anchan, DirectorCo-Founder & VP Alliance, iValue InfoSolutions, said, “Since our association with CA Technologies, they have enabled us to address the dynamic market needs through great innovations churned out from their modern software factory. With our vertical focused GTM, we are confident to cater the customer needs by optimizing, protecting and transforming their digital assets with cutting edge technology and proven offerings in collaboration with our trusted partners. We are looking forward to a long and successful journey with CA Technologies.”

Post the key note address by Mr Subodh Anchan, Mr Sumeet Mathur, Vice President, Cybersecurity, CA Technologies began the session explaining how Trust impacts business outcome more than ever and how Digital identity is becoming the foundation of Trust.

A company may not be selling a technology related product, but its brand is represented, communicated, perceived and judged through the lens of technology. And hence everyone is rushing to embrace the Application Economy and every business is becoming a software business.” said Mr Mathur.

The changes in the application economy creates risk with 70% of all breaches being caused by lost, stolen or weak credentials, 90% of breaches exploit defects in applications and 60% of malware uses privileged escalation. There was a 44% increase in data breaches in 2017 as compared to 2016.

CA Technologies uses User Behaviour Analytics to enable the enterprises to continuously assess risk and quickly detect malicious activity. User Behaviour Analytics takes, as input, a stream of data about how a given identity or group of identities interacts with services or applications and then outputs a level of risk associated with each enterprise identity in the given transaction in real time“, he further added.

Mr Mathur concluded by saying, “We provide a comprehensive, integrated set of products that make up the trusted digital relationship platform for a modern enterprise. Our layered, defence in depth approach helps enterprises make Security a competitive advantage for their businesses.”

Maya Nair, Associate Vice President, Idea Cellular Ltd, a participant in the event, articulated, “Security can also be projected in an organization as a competitive advantage. Otherwise, we always speak on hacking and security breaches, which always give a negative image.” She further added there is a need to find security compensating controls so that the end-user experience is not compromised.

The key agenda of the gathering was to discuss the ways to build a world where disruption is the norm and long-established brands are renewing themselves by putting digital first.

CA Technologies and iValue InfoSolutions assured the participants that they will help users harness the power of Digital Identity. They also committed to continue to be the trusted partner on everyone’s journey towards digital transformation.