Crypto Gaming: The Best Way To Earn Cryptocurrency While Playing

Earn Crypto While Playing Online Games
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Nowadays, the entire gaming industry is expanding as it had never been before. According to Statista, the annual income from gaming will reach $268.8 billion by 2025. The global market for crypto games is anticipated to grow from USD 755 million in 2021 to USD 3618.4 million by 2028, at a CAGR of 21.3 percent from 2022 to 2028.

Crypto games are creating a lot of buzzes worldwide. These games have become red hot right now in 2023. Besides, crypto games are emerging games that offer opportunities to players to earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies. Recently, various game studios have adopted blockchain technology for crypto game development and modified pre-existing games. This way, crypto game lovers can find countless crypto games that have become famous in the gaming market recently.

Do you really think that crypto games can acquire bigger in the coming years? Or will these games merely be another gimmick that will fade away soon? Well, don’t think much about it, as these cryptocurrency-based games have become a global phenomenon in recent years. 

There is not even a single industry that is not taking advantage of the convenience of crypto gaming, and one of those industries is the online gaming industry. According to the report given by Wax, nearly 75% of online game players have the desire to exchange their virtual assets for a cryptocurrency and also be enabled to use it to purchase and sell assets on other platforms.

So, without any further ado, let’s proceed……

Why Are Crypto Games Cool In The Whole Gaming Industry?

Cryptocurrency-based games are accumulating a lot of press attention and interest. These games have assisted nearly 128 blockchain gaming companies in receiving investments in the first quarter of the year 2022. Additionally, crypto games are revolutionising the entire gaming industry in a world that appears to be cutthroat. In this world, investors, as well as players, can turn from one project to another more conveniently and quickly. 

Crypto games are recognized as “eSport” that allow players, regardless of their location, to unlock open economies. Simply said, these games are a combination of “Decentralised Finance & Gaming.” Most of these games are quite interesting for the players and also payable. This way, being a player, you can easily reward cash in the form of non-fungible tokens or also exchange them with other players while playing these games.

Crypto Games: An Opportunity To Play & Earn

Is playing games more than having fun for you? Are you looking for games that can suit your gaming requirements and demands in the most appropriate way? Well, you can rest assured of it, as in this gaming world, crypto games are noteworthy games that fit the needs as well as demands of not only yours but also of all the players. You can initiate by playing crypto games, as the simplicity and reality of these games will surely attract you or captivate your attention.

If you’re in search of games that can offer you numerous options to earn money while playing, here are end-to-end crypto games that will not disappoint you. So, let’s scroll down all the games individually and acquire an opportunity to earn cryptocurrency:-

Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is one of the most fantastic gaming platforms that has been formed for multiple players and assists all of them in earning cryptocurrency. This game combines non-fungible tokens and a unique ecosystem that fits a wide range of players. 

One of the major reasons for considering Battle Infinity more than the other games is that it’s helpful in making several changes in the immersive world of Metaverse. Battle Infinity, the greatest gaming model, assists the players in playing, watching the game, and gaining opportunities or benefits for making passive income within the game.

Lucky Block

It’s a famous crypto game that has a specific, fair, and transparent ecosystem. Players need not worry about fairness and transparency because not even a single player can manipulate and predefine this game, both internally and externally. Furthermore, Crypto players are grateful to this game as it’s globalised and created under a particular concept that allows them to play with other players worldwide.


Sandbox is a prominent crypto game that lets users build, craft, and survive in a specific virtual world. The currency of this game is SAND, which the players can use to create a house or a castle and earn more tokens.

Like other available crypto games, this game combines strategies, creativity,  and survival skills. Sandbox is undoubtedly a way to encourage players to participate on its platform, purchase & sell non-fungible tokens, and have fun of the utmost level.

Plant VS Undead

One of the most recognizable crypto games is Plant VS Undead. It’s a unique and versatile game that keeps the players engaged with outstanding opportunities and goals. This game 

Runs on BSC – Binance smart chain and allows the players to use a Metamask wallet to keep their earned tokens in the safest way.

While playing this game, the players can earn LE-light energy, which is helpful for them to earn tokens known as “PVU.”Buying NFTs as a special asset is the first investment in this game and a mode to make money while playing it. Additionally, in this game, the players can get LE tokens and convert them into PVU for trading them on several DEXs.

Crypto Games: What Is Their Future?

The growing demand for crypto games will encourage crypto game lovers and investors to be a permanent part of these games in the future. Mark Cuban, Venture capital companies, Blockchain companies & other investors are investing in these games for their development, to offer top-notch crypto game development & web3 game development services  and to make the future of these games  as bright as of the other digital games. As per the recent report by the investment firm Drake Star partners, crypto gaming companies will receive a total of $1.2 billion in investment very soon.

Playing crypto games in the most profitable way means proceeding to adapt to changing conditions and looking to acquire market advantages. The more time you and all other professional & well-qualified blockchain game players will spend playing crypto games, the more it’ll become one of the easiest tasks for them to devote much time to. Suppose you’re looking for challenges and you’ve got the soul of an experienced and recognized player; it’ll be the best dream job for you in a few coming years.

To summarize

Crypto games are in high demand; it’s because they are the forerunners of the entire crypto world. It’s expected that crypto enthusiasts will draw more to crypto gaming in the future than they are now. These games have grown in the multibillion-dollar GameFi sector with the advancement in the world of technology.

In the coming years, there is an expectation regarding crypto games that these games will undoubtedly become one of the most remarkable games in the entire gaming industry. These games combine fun as well as all the possible benefits of holding cryptocurrency. This way, it’ll become simpler to allow the players of crypto games to earn non-fungible tokens, win awards, and also trade the conquered awards with other currencies among other players.