Conversion of Outlook PST to VCF file


Are you having trouble in converting your PST to VCF file format and have no idea how to do that?? Then don’t panic and take a deep breath because you came in the right place as I will tell you how to convert your PST files to VCF format?

Mostlymany users prefer to use email clients that support VCF format because VCF files can be easily imported to other email clients and applications. This feature makes it unique from others which carry a certain limitation for themselves.For example- Outlook PST files are supported by MS Outlook editions only. Here, this feature makes it specifically reserved for the Outlook purpose only.

But before this, we should first understand the term VCF means, reasons for converting your PST files into the VCF. In this blog, I have discussed both the manual and alternative methods by which you can convert it shall we start……

What is VCF?

VCF file is the standard file format which is mainly used for storing all your contact for either personal or for business purposes. In this, it especially stores name, address, phone number, email address or any other means of contact information. It also stores custom fields, images and other types of media.

What are the reasons to transfer your contact from Outlook PST to VCF?

The main reasons to transfer your PST to VCF format are –

1) When you want to switch from the Outlook to any other email client.

2) When you want to transfer your PST contacts to other email clients.

3) When you want to extract your old contacts from the orphan PST files.

It is one of the most used file formats for storing contact information by various email clients.

Now as we know the reasons we should also know the method by which we can operate it free of cost, and also transfer our files to VCF format easily.

Manual method

1) First, open the MS Outlook.

2) Then, move to file and tap on Open and Export.

3) Choose the Import/Export button.

4) Select Export to a file and tap on Next.

5) Create a file type, select Comma Separated Value, and tap on Next.

6) In the Select folder to export from the box, select the Contact folder that you want to backup and tap on Next.

7) After that tap on the Browse Button, enter the file name then file type in save as a file and tap, “Next”.

8) Tap on the finish. Then the process of conversion will proceed which will be the Import and Export Progress box.

The Drawback of the Manual method

Although the manual method is free of cost, it also has some limitations. These are –

1) It cannot be operated without having technical knowledge. The Non-technical user might find some difficulties while operating these steps.

2) It is quite lengthy and time taking process. The user is required to having patience so that he can endure the process.

3) If you take any wrong step there will always be a high chance of data loss which will erase your whole data in a second.

Now you will be wondering that then what should you do? Because if you do that you need an extra precaution but what if the same process can be done in afast, and easy manner without having any data loss. For your answer, you can use an alternative tool that can do this work for you.


You can use the shdatarescue PST converter which is specialized in converting these PST files into PDF, MBOX, VCF or any other desired file format. It can also save your PST to Gmail, Yahoo Hotmail, and many other email clients. It does not have file size limitation also it supports all earlier and latest Windows OS.


In the end, I have discussed both the manual and alternative methods by which user can transfer their Outlook PST into VCF file format easily. Although the manual method requires a technical mind to operate the process easily and safely but with the alternative tool, technical knowledge is not required and anyone whether expert or novice user can use it without any data loss. For further information, you can click on this anchor text

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